20:07:45 <delcypher> #startmeeting 12th UUU IRC Meeting
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20:08:00 <delcypher> #info delcypher is Dan Liew (Secretary)
20:08:17 <delcypher> #info arfoll is Brendan Le Foll (Trials rep)
20:08:23 <joe_treasurer> #info joe_treasurer is Joe Baxter
20:08:29 <delcypher> #info kris is Kris Abraham (Chairperson)
20:09:13 <joe_treasurer> #info joe_treasurer is Joe Baxter (treasurer and muni rep)
20:09:18 <delcypher> #info abbythesmall is Abby Williams who recently volunteered to help the UUU
20:09:26 <delcypher> #topic Bank account status
20:09:44 <delcypher> #info This finally sorted. Joe, Kris and Dan have online access.
20:09:53 <joe_treasurer> yes
20:10:00 <arfoll> WOOO!
20:10:01 <delcypher> joe_treasurer: Anything you want to add before I move to the next topic?
20:10:15 * arfoll distributes drinks all around
20:10:33 <joe_treasurer> i was advised to set up telephone banking. Do the commitee wish me to proceed
20:11:05 <kris> surely online banking superseeds telephone?
20:11:06 <delcypher> joe_treasurer: Can you remind of the reason you wanted that? I think you mentioned it a while ago but I don't remember what it was.
20:12:23 <joe_treasurer> advised by the branch and internet banking helpline, as with telephone banking security set up you can talk to them if you have issues logging in etc. i had real trouble with that £6 fee i managed to get refunded due to not having telephone security set up
20:13:10 <joe_treasurer> the security questions which were set were all relating to Luke Dutton... so i couldnt access our own account over the phone
20:13:23 <delcypher> joe_treasurer: Okay Joe. Does that mean each of us (i.e. Kris and I) have to fill in more forms... eurgh
20:13:28 <delcypher> ?
20:14:16 <joe_treasurer> i will look into it. i believe i should just be able to set it up and inform each of you of the security details
20:14:28 <delcypher> joe_treasurer: I think enabling telephone banking is okay provided there is something in place which means no one person named for telephone can abuse it
20:15:03 <joe_treasurer> yeah. i will look into putting limited on it when i set it up
20:15:06 <delcypher> #action joe_treasurer will look into enabling telephone banking. This is mainly for sorting out broken logins
20:15:10 <delcypher> okay great next topic
20:15:16 <delcypher> #topic Website stuff
20:15:54 <delcypher> #info Gavin MacGregor has resigned of UUU website, after quite a few years of service.
20:15:54 <kris> are we getting a new webmaster? do we need one?
20:16:13 <delcypher> #info delcypher is the temporary webmaster, although he still needs to sort out access.
20:16:33 <arfoll> kris: we just bully delcypher into doing it :) much easier :)
20:16:49 <kris> Result!
20:17:21 <delcypher> kris: We do need one. arfoll and I were discussing before the meeting a radical change to how the UUU website works which would result in much easier maintenance, free webhosting and best of all NO PHP!
20:18:03 <arfoll> and u had nothing to do with that php did u....
20:18:07 <kris> NO PHP sounds awsome!!
20:18:20 <kris> i have no idea :-(
20:18:36 <delcypher> I think it may be best to leave the discussion of this to our mailing list because I don't want to bog the meeting down in technical details
20:19:04 <arfoll> i think me & delcypher essentially have a plan, should be ok
20:19:17 <kris> delcypher: easyer maintenance sounds like a plan though! gavin said he spent alot of time on it
20:19:20 <kris> i agree
20:19:26 <delcypher> #action delcypher will discuss proposal to change UUU website (use statically generated HTML via Jekyll hosted on GitHub)
20:20:00 <delcypher> Great anything else we want to discuss about this before we move on to the next topic?
20:20:58 <delcypher> I'll take the silence as a no. Next topic.
20:21:09 <delcypher> #topic Street Rep (Jason Auld) has resigned
20:22:05 <delcypher> #info Jason recently emailed the committee members to announcing his resignation, citing his lack of contributions
20:22:32 <delcypher> Do we want to say any more on this, before the next topic?
20:22:57 <kris> Not much to add
20:23:14 <joe_treasurer> move on
20:23:38 <kris> By by Jason X
20:23:48 <delcypher> #topic The State of the UUU. Where are we going?
20:24:33 <delcypher> #info Until very recently the UUU was pretty much dead. We hardly post on facebook/twitter about events, none of us attended Unicon and the plan BUC fell flat due our own inaction
20:24:43 <arfoll> well i think we're not doing anything atm. We have a website that's fairly unused, we dont reply to emails much and we're not planning a BUC
20:25:16 <kris> Its true we have gone stale
20:25:22 <delcypher> #info We need to evaluate what the UUU's role actually is. Possibly smaller goals?
20:25:25 <arfoll> i think we should do another BUC possibly at BJC, we where quite good at doing BUC
20:25:45 <kris> BJC comitte asked us if we would like to do a colaboration
20:26:01 <joe_treasurer> I agree theres a lack of life in uuu. BUC has proved harder to organise than originally thought
20:26:01 <kris> i think that is a good achivable target
20:26:09 <abbythesmall> it would be cool to hold a BUC.
20:26:27 <joe_treasurer> although we should not be put off. its never going to be easy as we have found it. especially as we are so spread out
20:27:18 <delcypher> kris: I know, we really should of taken them up on the offer. It is the last topic on the agenda but I think holding unicycle events at BJC may be a sensible way forward. We can always decide to start organise BUC as a separate thing if we find we have the man power.
20:27:33 <arfoll> i'd like to think we could do a trials only event but honestly I dont think theres enough people that would come
20:28:12 <joe_treasurer> unless we aproach JUST or another well backed club who have experiance and man power to pull a BUC off
20:28:14 <delcypher> arfoll: Unfortunately yes. arfoll and I posted about "Tarty days" a few months ago which is pretty much a trials only event and we were the only unicyclists there :(
20:28:17 <abbythesmall> its people knowing its happening, i never knew there were BUC's or other unicycle events around.
20:28:35 <kris> delcypher: iagree, i would like to do it with BJC, sounds like it would be much easier
20:28:43 <arfoll> abbythesmall: I really think we lack riders who are willing to travel a bit
20:29:00 <abbythesmall> well that is also  true.
20:29:02 <arfoll> tartydays is exactly the kind of event i think we could do (maybe on smaller scale) but I dont think we'd get many riders
20:29:03 <kris> abbythesmall: it is difficult to advertise, we found that at the last buc
20:29:16 <abbythesmall> yes i do understand that. :)
20:30:08 <kris> but BJC has loads of unicyclists apparently, Rodger recons they have a bigger trials course then buc ...or have done in the past
20:30:09 <delcypher> abbythesmall: Yes part of the problem is we don't publicise events very well. You probably saw it on the topic list but one thing I was proposing was you could be our "social network" officer if you wanted to help promote events online
20:30:46 <delcypher> oh man we seem to be in three topics at once
20:30:59 <kris> i think plan A should be to contact the bjc comitte appologise for the late responce and see what we could sort out
20:31:06 <joe_treasurer> BJC had Voodoo and JUST there with loads of unicycles and trails equipment
20:31:41 <abbythesmall> yes  i had seen that!
20:33:37 <arfoll> honestly i dont think we should rely on others
20:33:57 <arfoll> realistically the biggest need for things is street & trials
20:34:10 <arfoll> the rest needs essentially a large hall and games being organised
20:34:18 <arfoll> maybe we should do a BUC without street & trials
20:34:30 <delcypher> hmm okay let's get this meeting back on track... too many things going at once. Let's just jump to BUC topic and then jump back to others.
20:34:45 <delcypher> #topic BUC2015, maybe hold at BJC?
20:35:15 <delcypher> arfoll: Without street and trials BUC doesn't have much left. Hockey, muni and flatland!
20:35:28 <joe_treasurer> and muni is off site
20:35:48 <kris> I think we should deffinatly talk to them to see what proposals there are then we can make a decission
20:35:48 <joe_treasurer> most people would come for trials and street i think
20:36:05 <arfoll> ok then who do we have to organise street?
20:36:06 <joe_treasurer> i agree
20:36:15 <delcypher> kris: Thanks kris. That seems like a sensible suggestion
20:36:52 <joe_treasurer> i think Jason would actually organise the Street comp if we had a BUC
20:37:17 <delcypher> #action kris will contact the BJC committee to find out what options are available for holding unicycle competitions at BJC
20:37:26 <kris> arfoll: i honestly think jason might organise some of the street, i know hes stood down as rep but im sure he would get involved for the day to help out
20:37:39 <arfoll> honestly i dont think jason did a very good job at buc
20:38:01 <abbythesmall> i would volunteer , but i'm no idea when it comes to street!
20:38:36 <kris> arfoll: maybe one of the Hawkes brothers then?
20:38:59 <delcypher> arfoll: Well I think the experience has taught us we need to bring in more people to help us. During BUC we had people offering to help next time so we might be able to get more help next time around.
20:39:03 <arfoll> yes well they did the speed trials & street IMHO so I think we should ask them or others
20:39:43 <kris> cool...minor details
20:39:47 <arfoll> but I still think our biggest issue is attendance
20:40:00 <arfoll> how do we convince people to come. especially if BJC entry is quite expensive no?
20:40:52 <delcypher> arfoll: BJC does have staff. Perhaps they could also help?
20:41:24 <kris> arfoll: we will have to ask, maybe two day tickets just for buc along side bjc. i duno
20:41:38 <delcypher> arfoll: Also I think you can buy tickets for a single day. This would suit unicyclists who are only interested in one event
20:41:43 <arfoll> yeah i guess, lots of questions
20:41:55 <joe_treasurer> they might do a BUC ticket
20:42:12 <delcypher> kris: Do you think you could compile a list of questions to ask the BJC team, as you can see we already have a bunch piling up.
20:42:29 <joe_treasurer> jas and i were there for 2 nights last time for a voodoo show. couldnt stand much longer... different crowd to unicyclists
20:42:46 <joe_treasurer> although its well attended, they have man power and a big budget
20:43:03 <kris> delcypher: no problem, ill get on it tomorrow feal rude having left it so long already
20:43:54 <delcypher> kris: Okay here's a link to a google docs document to get started https://docs.google.com/a/unicycle.org.uk/document/d/1VkNTHLnLQP0UQVavPqaZ7S6PgMuwEdd4S2JFAj98seI/edit
20:44:19 <kris> delcypher: sexy!
20:44:24 <delcypher> #action kris will compile a list of questions to ask the BJC team in the following doc https://docs.google.com/a/unicycle.org.uk/document/d/1VkNTHLnLQP0UQVavPqaZ7S6PgMuwEdd4S2JFAj98seI/edit
20:45:14 <delcypher> kris: It's probably going to require more discussion to figure out what to ask but I suggest we switch topic because we're running out of time and there's two really important topics I want to get to
20:45:36 <delcypher> kris: We can always discuss on the mailing list afterwards
20:45:40 <kris> delcypher: ok
20:46:07 <delcypher> #topic Abby Williams recently got in touch offering to help out the UUU
20:46:21 <arfoll> abbythesmall: what would you like to do?
20:46:48 <abbythesmall> i don't really mind!  whatever needs doing really
20:47:12 <kris> abbythesmall: appreciate the help! thanks for getting in contact
20:47:26 <abbythesmall> thats okay :)
20:48:05 <delcypher> abbythesmall: Out of curiosity. What sort of unicycling are interested in. .e.g Trials, street, freestyle...?
20:49:49 <abbythesmall> not to sure really,   i'm not the best at it,  but i'm learning!  road and muni really at the moment, but trying to branch out
20:50:20 <arfoll> where are you located roughly? have you been to any rides/events?
20:51:12 <abbythesmall> south east, and no i haven't, usually i don't see them till its too late!
20:53:40 <arfoll> ok well since we dont seem to know what we're doing & you're not sure what you want to do why dont we keep inviting you to our meetings and when something pops up you'd like to do then shout
20:53:47 <arfoll> you're not into making websites by any chance?
20:54:31 <abbythesmall> that sounds good to me, from scratch unfortunately no!
20:54:54 <delcypher> delcypher: Damn! Looks like I'm going to be dragged into doing the website again
20:55:43 <arfoll> abbythesmall: well maybe we can use your help for filling out the content and other things
20:55:55 <abbythesmall> sure, sounds good
20:56:03 <arfoll> shall we move on?
20:56:05 <delcypher> So does have any suggestions for things Abby can do?
20:56:26 <joe_treasurer> move on
20:56:50 <delcypher> I did suggest that she could add upcomming events to our calendar and maybe post about them on facebook/twitter
20:57:47 <delcypher> Hmm we're running out of time so I guess we'll have to discuss this topic more on the mailing list
20:58:30 <delcypher> #action For now abbythesmall will join the UUU meetings and will let us know if anything we need doing sounds interesting to her
20:58:57 <delcypher> #topic Vote to remove slect discipline reps (muni, trials, street, road, flatland, freestyle) if they aren't effective
20:59:29 <arfoll> originally me & dan discussed as to whether discipline reps where effective
20:59:42 <delcypher> #info We have a problem. We have quite a few discipline reps (we even have two road reps) but a few don't really contribute much and delay setting up meetings because they never reply to the doodle polls
20:59:51 <arfoll> to be honest considering I'm the only discipline rep here...
21:00:04 <arfoll> well joe is super rep & banker :)
21:00:13 <delcypher> arfoll: Technically joe_treasurer is our muni guy
21:00:28 <kris> OK lets be honest the only active uuu comitte members are here tonight
21:01:10 <kris> but that doesent mean we should alienate them by kicking the rest out, we might need there help at buc
21:01:12 <arfoll> so whilst that annoys me a little, i'm not sure this is really an issue
21:01:53 <kris> if they dont respond to polls and attend meetings tey dont have a say in what goes on.
21:01:55 <arfoll> hopefully they can be relied on for BUC help, they're all quite keen riders so I think theyd' help (jas included)
21:02:22 <arfoll> kris: course, but we have no one begging to take their places so
21:02:54 <kris> arfoll: exactly, leave them there untill atleast the next buc comittee meeting
21:02:59 <joe_treasurer> i havent done anything as muni rep
21:03:32 <arfoll> what I was more getting at when talking with dan was more if discipline reps where needed
21:03:43 <delcypher> joe_treasurer: Yes, but you haven't needed to. No one has contacted you (AFAIK) about muni related things and there wasn't a muni event at the last BUC. But you've done plenty of work as our treasurer.
21:03:57 <arfoll> or whether we should reshape the role into UUU comittee members generally
21:04:05 <arfoll> or whether this is just a general waste of time :)
21:04:18 <kris> arfoll: i dont tink its an issue at the moment
21:04:33 <arfoll> fair enough
21:04:41 <delcypher> arfoll: The UUU as a whole waste of time, or the discipline reps as a whole?
21:04:54 <kris> leave it as it is, no good will come from changing it at this time
21:05:08 <arfoll> splitting disciplines into roles
21:06:04 <delcypher> arfoll: I suppose an alternative would just to have members of the committee that just do anything that is needed.
21:06:22 <delcypher> kris: We should probably at least do something about the road rep stuff.
21:06:32 <arfoll> delcypher: that's exactly what i meant
21:06:38 <delcypher> kris: We have two, but only one seems to reply to e-mails.
21:07:10 <kris> delcypher: true im happy to go with just the one if we think thats a good plan?
21:07:16 <arfoll> well shall we just demote the other one?
21:07:29 <arfoll> joe! obviously korean internet is not as good as its reputation
21:07:45 <delcypher> oh no, we've lost Joe.
21:08:38 <joe_treasurer> think it crashed
21:08:43 <delcypher> I think the restructure of the UUU discipline rep roles to just committee members makes sense
21:09:01 <delcypher> although as kris said. I'm not sure how useful doing this right now will be.
21:09:18 <arfoll> so lets leave it for AGM whenever that happens
21:09:29 <arfoll> joe_treasurer: impossible. it was a mirage :)
21:09:43 <arfoll> shall we all agree to go with one road rep though?
21:09:55 <joe_treasurer> why even have reps?
21:11:19 <delcypher> arfoll: Yeah. Shall I send a polite e-mail to Andrew Lenden and offer him just being a committee member instead?
21:11:41 <arfoll> sounds fair
21:11:50 <kris> i think demoting or kicking out reps could just alienate peple right now. pluss arfoll & joe_treasurer  are the only two that ever have any input at the moment anyway so why waste time changing it no good will come of it & no bad comes from leaving it as it is for now.
21:12:27 <delcypher> joe_treasurer: I think the original idea is they would represent the interests of the different disciplines, but really that only happended whilst we were organising BUC
21:12:45 <kris> james isnt exactly mr motivator
21:13:53 <joe_treasurer> move on?
21:14:56 <delcypher> Hmm well we can't reach a consensus right now. We could vote for it, but I'm not sure anyone outside the UUU really cares
21:15:19 <joe_treasurer> just keep it for now
21:15:51 <arfoll> i think keeping it demotivates current members but also means we cant take on new ones like abby
21:16:13 <arfoll> unless all new members are just comittee members and we slowly phase out discipline reps
21:16:40 <abbythesmall> i was going to suggest new member just becoming  memebers
21:16:45 <joe_treasurer> well abby isnt going to be a discipline rep so whats the problem?
21:16:59 <joe_treasurer> yeah, they dont need a specfic role
21:17:39 <kris> well i am happy either way, i guess they arent active and hevent been since the start and werent much help at the last buc so if every one else would like im happy to re name the disiplin reps ans comitee members
21:17:50 <joe_treasurer> keeping it doesnt demotivate anyone IMO
21:18:24 <arfoll> personally it demotivates me when half the comittee doesnt turn up but maybe i'm alone in that
21:18:54 <kris> arfoll: agree with yopu on that
21:19:14 <joe_treasurer> yes thats true but keeping them, loosing them, or renaming their roles doesnt effect me
21:19:15 <delcypher> arfoll: You are not alone. Every person who does't bother to fill in/turn up to a meeting I organise is annoying
21:19:27 <joe_treasurer> yes its annoying
21:19:58 <kris> ok lets wrap this up i have work @ sillyoclock
21:20:02 <arfoll> i'd rather the commitee be a small group of active people who want to do things rather than a bunch of people feeeling forced because of a role they signed up for as they where keen
21:20:04 <kris> past my bed time
21:20:08 <joe_treasurer> im going to have to soon can we move on
21:20:20 <delcypher> joe_treasurer: This is the last topic. After this, the meeting is over
21:20:29 <joe_treasurer> exactly arfoll
21:20:48 <kris> arfoll: you make a good point
21:20:57 <arfoll> ok well lets leave it for the mailing list
21:21:08 <delcypher> arfoll: I agree. I think we should just make all the discipline reps "committee" members right now and be done with it.
21:21:36 <delcypher> No one here is going to be offended by that and the people here and those who are active.
21:21:50 <arfoll> ok well lets vote for it and go to bed?
21:21:58 <delcypher> arfoll: yeah I need sleep
21:22:17 <kris> delcypher: i do like the idea that they wont recive emails (if they ever did) and not respond to them
21:22:17 <delcypher> #startvote Should all discipline reps be made just "committee" members? yes no
21:22:17 <izqit> Begin voting on: Should all discipline reps be made just "committee" members? Valid vote options are yes, no.
21:22:17 <izqit> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
21:22:28 <delcypher> #vote yes
21:22:33 <joe_treasurer> #vote yes
21:22:33 <arfoll> #vote yes
21:22:40 <kris> #vote yes
21:22:47 <abbythesmall> #vote yes
21:22:50 <delcypher> #endvote
21:22:50 <izqit> Voted on "Should all discipline reps be made just "committee" members?" Results are
21:22:50 <izqit> yes (5): abbythesmall, kris, joe_treasurer, arfoll, delcypher
21:22:55 <delcypher> okay that's settled
21:23:04 <abbythesmall> didn't know if i was allowed!
21:23:28 <delcypher> #action discipline rep roles will be made into "committee members"
21:23:42 <arfoll> abbythesmall: i think you just got ratified as a committee member
21:24:00 <kris> delcypher: make abbythesmall a committee member
21:24:00 <delcypher> abbythesmall: Technically no, but the vote was unanimous anyway so it doesn't matter
21:24:01 <abbythesmall> ahhh
21:24:21 <abbythesmall> i thought not >.<
21:24:31 <delcypher> kris: Right now?
21:24:53 <arfoll> personally i think theres no rush or need
21:25:05 <arfoll> we've already rushed people to join and it wasnt exactly a success
21:25:15 <kris> delcypher: yeh it was a technicality for the vote
21:25:18 <abbythesmall> no rush!
21:25:31 <kris> delcypher: thats why i sugested it
21:25:57 <arfoll> when people start to contribute & have joined a few meetings lets invite them to join
21:25:58 <delcypher> abbythesmall: Don't worry I'll still email you about meetings. Hopefully we'll start having them more frequently now
21:26:11 <kris> abbythesmall: really apprciate you coming along and having your input. hope to see you again soon.
21:26:25 <delcypher> Anyway I think I'm not the only one who needs sleep, so shall we end the meeting here?
21:26:41 <abbythesmall> thats alright, it was good to be here!
21:26:47 <arfoll> abbythesmall: yes thanks alot for joining, it's good to have fresh optimisim and faces
21:26:53 <delcypher> abbythesmall: You should come along to a unicycle ride sometime
21:27:04 <arfoll> delcypher: we should organise a ride :)
21:27:13 <abbythesmall> i'd love to let me know and i'll try to be there, should be moving to the south west soon.
21:27:21 <arfoll> abbythesmall: btw I'm in reading so might not be that far, and dan is in london
21:27:22 <kris> delcypher: agreed end
21:27:25 <joe_treasurer> cool. thanks guys. appologies i didnt reply to the doodlepoll. ill try to sort out picking up email while im abroad
21:27:35 <arfoll> cya joe
21:27:42 <abbythesmall> oh thats god to know!
21:27:43 <joe_treasurer> bye folks!
21:27:45 <abbythesmall> good ..
21:27:52 <delcypher> joe_treasurer: You have an android phone right? You can just add your account as another google account
21:28:02 <delcypher> joe_treasurer: You'll get e-mails pushed to your phone that way
21:28:06 <delcypher> #endmeeting