19:14:24 <delcypher> #startmeeting
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19:14:35 <delcypher> #topic note present members
19:14:44 <delcypher> #info delcypher is Dan Liew - Secretary
19:15:04 <arfoll> #info arfoll is Brendan Le Foll - Trials
19:15:04 <delcypher> Could every committee member just say who they are (like I did above)
19:15:15 <ChairmanKris> #info ChairmanKris is Kris Abraham
19:15:38 <BigSexyJasonAuld> #info BigSexyJasonAuld is Big Sexy Jason Auld - Street Rep
19:15:52 <SamGoodburn> #info SamGoodburn is Sam Goodburn - Freestyle Rep
19:16:21 <delcypher> Joe, Simon?
19:16:33 <SimonBerry> #info SimonBerry is Simon Berry, boy who rides flatland. I also have to leave at 19:45, unless i get this working on my phone
19:16:55 <joe____> #info joe_____ is Joe Baxter - Treasurer
19:17:56 <delcypher> #topic Should the doodle poll be made simpler?
19:18:01 <arfoll> yes, plz
19:18:13 <arfoll> the current polls are monstruously painful
19:18:26 <ChairmanKris> its unlikly i can do a week night at any time
19:18:34 <delcypher> #info The doodle poll often has > 60 options which takes a long to fill in. Should I just switch to asking people for their availibility at weekends?
19:18:38 <BigSexyJasonAuld> arfoll agreed
19:18:54 <SimonBerry> also agreed
19:19:08 <ChairmanKris> yep agreed
19:19:11 <delcypher> Although we are doing this one on Friday. How do people feel about Fridays in general, too much hassle or okay?
19:19:21 <ChairmanKris> ok by me
19:19:32 <arfoll> fridays can be ok by weekend I thought you meant friday evening -> sunday evening
19:19:39 <joe____> im usually out on a Friday
19:20:00 <ChairmanKris> let the poll run 3 days and we will see at the time
19:20:07 <delcypher> Hmm well it won't hurt to include one more day. I'll do future polls for friday-sunday
19:20:30 <joe____> i would pref week nights than weekends though. Im usually out
19:20:43 <SamGoodburn> friday-sunday would be good
19:20:53 <delcypher> #action delcypher will do future doodle polls for friday (evening) + saturday and Sunday evenings.
19:20:57 <arfoll> joe____: see above kris cant do weeknights
19:21:16 <arfoll> tbh i think sunday evenings are quite good, but this time seems we ended up on a friday
19:21:31 <ChairmanKris> arfoll: i have to go to bed at like 9 and out tues and thurs any way
19:21:38 <delcypher> #topic Progress report for temporary content for website from arfoll SimonBerry joe____ BigSexyJasonAuld
19:22:15 <arfoll> ChairmanKris: i wasn't complaining just telling joe that his social life is being compromised because of you ;-)
19:22:22 <joe____> i wasnt aware of this...
19:22:51 <delcypher> #info Discipline reps (hockey, flatland, freestyle, muni, trials, street) agreed to do temporary content for website.
19:23:00 <BigSexyJasonAuld> I have my content ready, who should I send it to?
19:23:09 <delcypher> So has anyone sent stuff to Gavin to put on the website?
19:23:12 <joe____> oh yes.
19:23:18 <delcypher> BigSexyJasonAuld: E-mail it to Gavin.
19:23:33 <arfoll> coming from Jason i think we should probably review it first...
19:23:34 <ChairmanKris> I cant speek on behalf of barry but his current website already contains alot of hockey info and he recently posted a how to play document http://www.unicycle-hockey.co.uk/how-to-play
19:23:47 <BigSexyJasonAuld> arfoll ROFL
19:24:01 <SimonBerry> What's Gavin's e-mail? I'll send something off to him this weekend
19:24:09 <delcypher> SimonBerry: webmaster@unicycle.org.uk
19:24:35 <delcypher> BigSexyJasonAuld: Did you have some links to good example videos in it?
19:24:47 <arfoll> delcypher: I haven't done mine but BigSexyJasonAuld can you copy me in your mail to GK so I can see what you did?
19:24:50 <arfoll> was kinda hoping to just follow in someones style... and copy
19:24:51 <SamGoodburn> gareths email is: walkga04@googlemail.com
19:25:13 <BigSexyJasonAuld> arfoll: will do
19:25:19 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: Why are we talking about Gareth?
19:25:28 <SamGoodburn> I miss read that
19:25:41 <arfoll> SamGoodburn: how could you mistake Gareth for GK the MC?
19:25:48 <arfoll> for shame!
19:26:04 <SamGoodburn> Perhaps I was not listening to well...
19:26:31 <ChairmanKris> Can every one just sent there email to the commitee so we know the content and that its been sent?
19:26:45 <delcypher> #agreed
19:27:03 <joe____> good idea
19:27:10 <BigSexyJasonAuld> #agreed
19:27:53 <SimonBerry> Yes
19:27:56 <ChairmanKris> arfoll: ??? whats that mean?
19:28:14 <arfoll> ChairmanKris: just checking up on you... t'is all
19:28:31 <delcypher> #action SimonBerry BigSexyJasonAuld SamGoodburn joe____ arfoll and BarryGates will send their website content to the committee e-mail address for review
19:28:34 <SimonBerry> What's a CTCP VERI
19:28:37 <ChairmanKris> arfoll: ahh ok computer stuff - Continue
19:28:46 <SimonBerry> VERSION*
19:28:48 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: Have you written anything?
19:29:06 <arfoll> SimonBerry: nothing but macs are evil simon - throw it out
19:29:50 <delcypher> arfoll: If you want an example you could use what I wrote a few years ago ... http://www.unicycle.org.uk/uuu/trials
19:30:09 <SamGoodburn> I will send what I've got to the committee memebrs soon.
19:30:50 <delcypher> Actually thinking about it would it make more sense for us to use google docs (seeing as it's only text and links) so we can all see it and edit it together?
19:31:18 <SamGoodburn> Question: Should we try and only use British examples for videos and pictures for these descriptions on disciplines?
19:31:20 <delcypher> Rather than e-mailing around our content?
19:31:40 <arfoll> SamGoodburn: i think it would be best if possible, but in some contexts - like freestyle - may not be the best idea ;-)
19:31:49 <ChairmanKris> SamGoodburn: yes
19:31:52 <SamGoodburn> rude :P
19:32:08 <ChairmanKris> arfoll: agreed lol may be just videos of yourself sam
19:32:10 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: My preference would be yes, but I think it's more important showcase the sport so if there's a better video of a foreign rider then use it.
19:32:29 <SamGoodburn> But yes, only using british riders for freestyle may not be practical.
19:32:54 <arfoll> s/not be practical/would be utter rubbish/
19:33:13 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: Agreed, just find the best videos you can regardless of the rider's nationality.
19:33:29 <ChairmanKris> SamGoodburn: you only need one clip and you colud provide that of yourself surly? i could send you a kick up mount clip if you like ;-)
19:33:48 <delcypher> So what do people think about just sticking their content on google docs rather than e-mailing stuff around? yes/no?
19:34:04 <BigSexyJasonAuld> #yes
19:34:08 <SamGoodburn> yes
19:34:09 <arfoll> #yes
19:34:15 <delcypher> #undo
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19:34:49 <delcypher> #action SimonBerry BigSexyJasonAuld SamGoodburn joe____ arfoll and Barry Gates will put their content on google docs for the rest of the committee to see and edit.
19:35:05 <delcypher> #topic Website improvements
19:35:17 <arfoll> well GK isnt here so shall we ->
19:35:31 <delcypher> #info Gavin is not present but he has informed us that little progress has been made due to forum spamming which needed to be delt with.
19:35:52 <delcypher> #info At the request of delcypher and ChairmanKris Twitter & Facebook links have been added to the site.
19:36:04 <delcypher> #topic progress on IUF role
19:36:19 <delcypher> #info Alan isn't present but has informed me that the IUF have not got back to him.
19:36:34 <delcypher> #info delcypher also tried contacting the IUF with no success.
19:36:56 <delcypher> #topic Progress report gathering results from previous unicycle events
19:37:08 <ChairmanKris> I could ask Rocket if he has alternative contact info
19:37:21 <ChairmanKris> to slow!
19:37:35 <delcypher> #info delcypher has gathered trials, street and freestyle results from various sources which are now available online.
19:38:02 <SamGoodburn> however we only know about as far back as the trophies say...
19:38:06 <delcypher> #info discpline reps arfoll BigSexyJasonAuld SamGoodburn have been given write access to their disciplines results
19:38:37 <delcypher> I'm hoping now to hand responsibility of the results over to the reps now. I've done the best I can gathering info but there are still gaps.
19:39:02 <arfoll> delcypher: yup thanks for that - very good of you
19:39:42 <delcypher> #info Results can now be found in the links in this forum post http://www.unicycle.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=828#p7771
19:39:43 <SamGoodburn> I will try asking lucas and trevor if they know past freestyle winners beyond what the trophy says
19:39:52 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: Okay thanks.
19:40:16 <delcypher> #action SamGoodburn will ask Lucas Wintercrane & Trevor ??? if they know some of the missing freestyle results.
19:40:41 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: BigSexyJasonAuld did you get the e-mails I sent giving you write access to the results?
19:40:42 <SamGoodburn> trevor schofield
19:40:54 <BigSexyJasonAuld> Is it in my UUU mail?
19:41:06 <delcypher> #info Trevor ??? is Trevor Schofield
19:41:10 <delcypher> BigSexyJasonAuld: Yes.
19:41:32 <SamGoodburn> I will check
19:42:09 <delcypher> Can we agree to have the discipline reps be responsible for their results from now on?
19:42:12 <BigSexyJasonAuld> I'll check too
19:42:16 <BigSexyJasonAuld> #agreed
19:42:23 <SamGoodburn> agreed
19:42:26 <ChairmanKris> #agreed
19:42:29 <SimonBerry> Guys I'm gonna have to get going, sorry I can't be here for the rest of the meeting. I'll catch up from the minutes of this meeting so i'm up to speed, anything flatland related just tell me what I need to do.
19:42:58 <delcypher> SimonBerry: Okay Simon, thanks for coming along! You can follow what we're doing on your phone if you want.
19:43:10 <arfoll> #agreed
19:43:24 <delcypher> SimonBerry: There is a guide for Android phones here http://www.unicycle.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1001
19:44:19 <delcypher> #action arfoll BigSexyJasonAuld SamGoodburn will be responsible for their results from now on.
19:44:34 <delcypher> okay let's move on
19:44:43 <delcypher> #info Progress report gaining control of bank account
19:44:48 <delcypher> So Joe any progress?
19:44:55 <delcypher> #undo
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19:45:06 <delcypher> #topic Progress report gaining control of UUU bank account
19:45:39 <delcypher> joe____: ???
19:46:52 <delcypher> #info delcypher has started examining the membership database and has discovered we has 19 members currently and there are some financial discrepancies that need resolving.
19:47:00 <joe____> yeah, sp
19:47:11 <joe____> sorry computer is SO slow and gets stuck
19:47:25 <joe____> re bank
19:47:53 <delcypher> joe____: If you're computer is bad in future you could do this on your iPad if you prefered.
19:48:36 <arfoll> delcypher: if your spelling doesn't improve...
19:48:54 <arfoll> delcypher: so what are the financial discrepancies?
19:49:12 <joe____> cool didnt know it worked on the ipad
19:49:28 <ChairmanKris> arfoll: is a grammar Bully!
19:49:40 <delcypher> joe____: All you need to do is find a good "IRC" app and you are good to go
19:50:09 <delcypher> arfoll: s/you're/your s/prefered/preferred - I'm use to having spell check correct stuff for me!
19:50:37 <arfoll> delcypher: used to?
19:50:40 * arfoll stops
19:50:44 <ChairmanKris> arfoll: LOL
19:51:13 <delcypher> arfoll: The membership database also records money held by committee members. This might happen because someone pays a committee member by cash for their membership.
19:51:51 <ChairmanKris> So what is our financial state and how do we view this data base?
19:52:29 <arfoll> delcypher: shall we just get the list of people who have a 'lifetime' membership and start from scratch next year?
19:52:39 <delcypher> arfoll: Currently Sarah holds ~£100, Luke Ditton holds ~£40 and someone else holds a bit too. Of course this could be wrong, the money might of already been transferred but the database might not of been updated.
19:52:56 <delcypher> arfoll: Very few have lifetime membership, most of the current members paid this year.
19:53:32 <ChairmanKris> If we cant gain control of the bank acount, just start a new one?
19:53:36 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: I don't know our financial state. I currently have access to the database but I think the whole thing needs replacing.
19:53:41 <arfoll> delcypher: ok so lets just ask sarah & luke for the money (if they have not already transfered it) and start membership from BUC '13
19:54:02 <arfoll> and we'll have to deal with lifetime members by hiring contract killers
19:54:21 <ChairmanKris> how much did a lifetime cost?
19:54:39 <BigSexyJasonAuld> I volunteer for the killing...
19:54:42 <BigSexyJasonAuld> if the money is right
19:54:56 <delcypher> If it's okay with everyone I'd like to replace the database with something new that meets are needs. I think it should really just be a membership database and finance issues should just be left with joe____ .
19:55:05 <joe____> thats a great idea
19:55:31 <delcypher> The membership database should also record the riders level (IUF skill levels) and who tested them...
19:55:35 <ChairmanKris> joe____: do you have control of the bank account?
19:56:16 <arfoll> delcypher: yes, and ok for IUF. (actually couldnt we use the forum DB to store this? And then we could have skill level as an attribute shown in the profile?)
19:56:22 <joe____> from the info ive had from HSBC, its a very very long winded process
19:56:54 <delcypher> joe____: Wouldn't it be simpler to get Sarah to close the account and then have Joe open a new one and just transfer the money across?
19:56:54 <ChairmanKris> joe____: ok is it worth doing? or should we be setting up a new account?
19:57:00 <arfoll> delcypher: and whilst at it, we could link people in comp results to that db?
19:57:19 <joe____> with the lack of communitcation from Sarah and Luke, I think it would be easier to create a new account and start from scratch, and any existing money tranfered over
19:57:55 <ChairmanKris> joe____: sounds allot simpler, we will need a account early next year
19:58:03 <delcypher> arfoll: The comp results are currently a google docs spreadsheet so it wouldn't work as it is now. But if the results were stored in the SQL database then we could do it.
19:58:24 <arfoll> delcypher: i know... and since you seem to have lots of time you could do something really cool ;-)
19:59:16 <ChairmanKris> Brb
19:59:17 <delcypher> joe____: Are you happy opening a new account for us and transferring the money from the old account? You will also need to clean up the financial discrepancies I foun~d.
19:59:35 <arfoll> delcypher: i think an ldap server would be ideal that would be used for authenticating people on the UUU site as well with restricted attributes and awesome shiz like that
19:59:44 <delcypher> arfoll: I start my PhD soon though. I don't have loads of time.
20:00:33 <delcypher> arfoll: I'm not really an expert on LDAP servers and also I have strong suspicion that Gavin wouldn't like that as that would be seperate from the forum login details.
20:00:36 <delcypher> joe____: ???
20:00:58 <joe____> yes i can easily
20:01:03 <joe____> set up a new account
20:01:07 <arfoll> delcypher: there are ldap plugins for phpbb - that part is easy...
20:01:34 <joe____> is everyone happy staying with HSBC? I see no reasion to change and im with HSBC too
20:01:54 <arfoll> whatever is easiest for you je
20:02:26 <joe____> cool
20:02:35 <arfoll> i think the important thing would be to send the UUU comittee the email statements every month (can make an automatic rule in gmail)
20:02:37 <joe____> getting into branch is the hardest bit
20:02:49 <delcypher> joe____: Provided HSBC provide an account suitable for us. I don't know what sort of account is most suitable so you'll have to look into it. I know in the past that the UUU bank account required two signatures to get any money out.
20:03:12 <arfoll> i think having something like that could be good, requiring for 2 of us to sign for something
20:04:03 <joe____> yeah, ill check with HSBC what is best
20:04:43 <delcypher> arfoll: The statement idea is a good idea. Joe being treasurer you're going to have to keep good records of what happens with our finances.
20:05:02 <joe____> yeah, im anal when it comes to keeping track of mone
20:05:04 <joe____> money
20:05:22 <joe____> ive already got spreadsheets set up i can use as templates for uuu accounts
20:05:24 <BigSexyJasonAuld> lol, anal
20:05:37 <delcypher> #action joe____ will open a new bank account for the UUU and have money from old UUU account transferred over due to long time it would take to hand over ownership of the old UUU bank account
20:06:50 <delcypher> joe____: Great. I wouldn't use the current membership database to keep track of finances as it's a mess so you'll need to keep your own record that's preferrably electronic. An excel spreadsheet maybe?
20:07:31 <delcypher> #action joe____ will look in to the financial descrepancies visible in the UUU membership database.
20:07:47 <delcypher> Anyway shall we move on?
20:07:52 <joe____> almost...
20:07:55 <joe____> 2 secs
20:08:14 <joe____> i can send pdf statements from hsbc
20:08:45 <joe____> i will set up internet banking too so we can access them and have copies whenever
20:09:07 <delcypher> joe____: If you do banking online banks often let you export data in multiple formats. PDF isn't really very good as it's difficult to get the numbers out quickly.
20:09:24 <arfoll> joe____: i'd rather only you & for example chair has access to the account direct but that you just mail the statement monthly to everyone
20:09:30 <joe____> okay, it was just to show the numbers add up
20:09:44 <arfoll> at least with natwest they e-mail you the statement monthly if you ask
20:10:00 <arfoll> anyways we can move on
20:10:04 <joe____> yeah i can arrange that
20:10:32 <delcypher> #action joe____ will e-mail monthly statements to committee members to show our current financial state.
20:10:40 <delcypher> #topic Registering the UUU as something
20:11:13 <delcypher> #info delcypher looked into what we could register the UUU as something
20:11:38 <delcypher> #info presently it looks like it would be best if we became an "unincorporated charity with an income < £5000"
20:12:01 <arfoll> ^ sounds good to me
20:12:19 <delcypher> #info We would not need to register with the Charity commission but we can register with HMRC to get tax benefits.
20:12:24 <SamGoodburn> sounds good
20:12:38 <ChairmanKris> Ok
20:12:39 <delcypher> #info I believe this would let us have discounted paypal as well.
20:12:48 <BigSexyJasonAuld> good news
20:13:13 <ChairmanKris> delcypher: is that a hARD PROCESS?
20:13:19 <ChairmanKris> SORRY CAPS
20:13:20 <delcypher> #info Information about tax benefits for charities can be found at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/charities/tax/
20:13:45 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: I don't think so. My girlfriend's mum has done it so she can help if we get stuck.
20:14:21 <arfoll> stuck into that HARD PROCESS...
20:14:30 <delcypher> I think it would be best if joe____ and I sort it out seeing as he's the treasurer and I'm the one who has looked into becoming a charity.
20:14:41 <ChairmanKris> delcypher: cool can we do it early in the new year to benifit freombuc2013 and paypal
20:14:43 <BigSexyJasonAuld> I wonder what other governing bodies have done in the past, all of them must have started from humble beginnings
20:15:33 <joe____> okay delcypher
20:15:46 <joe____> yeah i thought that too bigsexyjasonauld
20:15:54 <delcypher> BigSexyJasonAuld: A lot of governing bodies are "Companies Limited by Guarantee". Although it has advantages (we can buy property in the name of the UUU rather than as one of us) it would create a lot of paperwork for joe____
20:16:10 <ChairmanKris> delcypher:  sorry i mean can we get the paypal benifits in time for buc 2013? i dont know how we intend to sell tickets yet though?
20:16:26 <delcypher> BigSexyJasonAuld: That paper work would be managing tax returns and corporation tax... not fun.
20:16:40 <arfoll> ChairmanKris: well, probably through paypal... ;-)
20:16:52 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: I don't know, apparently PayPal are slow at approving accounts so the sooner we do it the better.
20:17:35 <ChairmanKris> Ok id rather we get people to commit to buc by pre puchase of tickets than sell them all on the door
20:18:04 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: As far as I know it's always been that way in the past.
20:18:24 <ChairmanKris> which way? door or pre pay?
20:18:28 <BigSexyJasonAuld> delcypher: that sucks, you've defo done your homework. In Dan we trust
20:18:31 <arfoll> ChairmanKris: pre pay
20:18:40 <ChairmanKris> cool
20:19:02 <delcypher> #info Becomming a charity requires us to have a proper constitution. If everyone agrees I'll start writing a draft based on a template.
20:19:34 <ChairmanKris> #agreed
20:19:37 <arfoll> #doit
20:19:45 <SamGoodburn> agreed
20:19:46 <delcypher> The constitution would set out exactly what the UUU sets out to do and various other things like what would happen if we ever need to dissolve.
20:20:28 <delcypher> #action delcypher and joe____ will look into making the UUU an unincorporated charity
20:20:50 <delcypher> #action delcypher will write a draft constitution for the UUU which is necessary for us to be a charity.
20:20:59 <arfoll> if we dissolve, we donate all our money to <insert charity here>.
20:21:52 <delcypher> If BUC goes ahead I'd like to get the constitution to be approved formally there so all members can check they are happy.
20:22:13 <delcypher> Anyway shall we move on?
20:22:21 <ChairmanKris> ok but that meen we wont be registerd before buc?
20:22:58 <ChairmanKris> i guess its not essential
20:22:58 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: It depends how fast HMRC move. There is a form that needs to filled in and sent off. That's all I know.
20:23:19 <ChairmanKris> delcypher:  ok
20:23:21 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: If we can't get discounted PayPal in time we can simply pass on the extra cost to the members.
20:24:01 <ChairmanKris> delcypher: ok if i can help with anything on that front just let me know, but you sound like youv got it coverd
20:24:15 <delcypher> Ok. Happy to move on now?
20:24:21 <SamGoodburn> yes
20:24:24 <ChairmanKris> go go go
20:24:38 <delcypher> #info Report on finding a host for the next BUC
20:24:58 <delcypher> #info delcypher contacted JUST asking if they would like to host. They declined.
20:24:58 <SamGoodburn> Are nofitstate still interested?
20:25:00 <BigSexyJasonAuld> This is the interesting bit
20:25:18 <delcypher> #info delcypher contacted Steve Grainger (as suggested by Barry Gates) and heard nothing back.
20:25:30 <ChairmanKris> SamGoodburn: yes
20:25:43 <ChairmanKris> SamGoodburn: Check emails?
20:25:51 <delcypher> #info delcypher also posted to the UUU forums asking for hosts. There has been one positive responce from "No Fit State"
20:26:13 <SamGoodburn> ok
20:26:28 <delcypher> #info ChairmanKris has been doing some good work communicating with Lynn from "No fit state" recently.
20:26:41 <delcypher> Could you summarise where we are at now Kris?
20:26:54 <ChairmanKris> ok Bare with
20:27:05 <SamGoodburn> I think we are lucky to have No Fit State offering and it could work well
20:27:05 <delcypher> Stick a #info at the beginning.
20:27:20 <delcypher> #chair ChairmanKris
20:27:20 <izqit> Current chairs: ChairmanKris delcypher
20:27:39 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: I agree. We are luckly someone is interested.
20:29:21 <ChairmanKris> #info Finer points need to be finalised but Nofitstate are willing to Host BUC 2013 on the last bakholiday in May (24th-27th) a visit is planned to discuss in person the finer points possibly next friday the 14th of december
20:29:48 <SamGoodburn> Fantastic!
20:29:57 <ChairmanKris> SamGoodburn: i agree it sounds ideal at the moment
20:30:14 <delcypher> I'd quite like to visit with Kris. I think we should take a few pictures (for the other committee members) and also check out the near by area.
20:30:33 <ChairmanKris> i would like delcypher and possibly arfoll to visit with me to give advice on speed trials ect
20:30:33 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: Am I right in remembering that it won't be possible to have on-site accommodation?
20:30:49 <ChairmanKris> delcypher: no we can sleep in there hall
20:30:59 <ChairmanKris> possibly security permitting
20:31:15 <ChairmanKris> and joe____ there is room for your van
20:31:25 <SamGoodburn> Find out if they're willing to let people sleep in doors. If they'll be a 24 hour hall. If there are catering fasilities
20:31:34 <delcypher> Something I was thinking about the other day is how the Vooodoo Street & Trials league should fit into this. I take BigSexyJasonAuld that Vooodoo intends to do it again in 2013?
20:32:08 <ChairmanKris> i think the voodoo trophy and the hocky should be seperate from buc
20:32:20 <delcypher> One option would be to make BUC just an extra stop for the street and trials
20:32:23 <joe____> haha :)
20:32:43 <arfoll> delcypher: nah i dont think thats good - its good to have other league/comp
20:32:46 <joe____> sorry that was for the van comment
20:32:58 <SamGoodburn> I think ideally the BUC should hold the British championships. However voodoo competition are seperate for people to compete that arnt in the voodoo team like this years?
20:33:03 <ChairmanKris> the uuu should award the british titles in my opinion
20:33:13 <arfoll> i'd rather have a one off event for BUC
20:33:18 <joe____> i too think it should be organised as its own competition
20:33:35 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: But I've treated the vooodoo street and trials league as the official 2012 and VUC as official 2011 results.
20:33:36 <arfoll> and yeah UUU should award UK titles - nothing to do with voodoo (though we'd love to use their insurance and help organising ;-))
20:33:47 <arfoll> delcypher: thats ok because there was nothing else
20:34:11 <arfoll> and i believe they had permission to do it?
20:34:38 <arfoll> as in give out the 2011 titles (and maybe even 2010?)
20:34:42 <delcypher> There's no record off any permission, then again with the way the UUU used to run there isn't really a record of much...
20:35:02 <BigSexyJasonAuld> We will be holding the street league again, hopefully for another title and the british titles should be contested at buc
20:35:12 <ChairmanKris> delcypher: only because we werent set up to do the awards our self, in future i think uuu should hold the british champiuon ships and no one else
20:35:35 <SamGoodburn> Okay so regarding the BUC, I think we should put together a database of unicyclists email adresses. As one form of advertising the BUC.
20:36:10 <ChairmanKris> SamGoodburn: agreed - bary gates and steve granger already have alot of emails and so does the uuu
20:36:30 <SamGoodburn> However,
20:36:50 <BigSexyJasonAuld> delcypher: We did get permission from the UUU both years, we even got permission from the IUF to run it as a league format, that's a done deal.
20:36:50 <SamGoodburn> there are lots of unicyclists who arn't involved in forums, conventions etc
20:36:57 <delcypher> Okay. Can we all agree that the 2011 and 2012 results from Voodoo will be treated as official but next year BUC results will be considered official and seperate from the voodoo street league?
20:38:12 <BigSexyJasonAuld> #agreed
20:38:15 <ChairmanKris> delcypher: yep thats the format i thought we were going for, sounds good
20:38:32 <BigSexyJasonAuld> Lads, I'm going to have to head sadly, good luck with the rest of it, make me proud.
20:38:45 <ChairmanKris> SamGoodburn: i am amazed at how many unicyclists i speet to dont use or know of the uuu
20:39:25 <ChairmanKris> maybe we should email all the juggeling convention organisers
20:39:33 <SamGoodburn> going back to the email database, I think this is important because of the limited interest in BUC 2012.
20:39:57 <SamGoodburn> There is also lots of unicyclists who dont know about the whole scene, the forums/ conventions etc
20:40:06 <delcypher> #agreed Street and Trials results from VUC (2011) and Voodoo Street & Trials league (2012) will be considered official as there was no BUC in those years. Next year assuming BUC takes place Vooodoo organised competitions will be seperate from BUC
20:40:26 <ChairmanKris> SamGoodburn: honestly i think 2012 was doomed from the start for a whole host of reasons
20:40:47 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: I'm not suprised no one knows about the UUU. From the outside it looks the UUU has done nothing for two years.
20:41:10 <SamGoodburn> I have met quite a few from juggling conventions. I have started a list..
20:41:38 <arfoll> ok ok enough bitching guys?
20:41:38 <ChairmanKris> good work, i will spread the word at hockey matches
20:41:40 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: Goodwork. I'd be interested to know what problems you had with BUC 2012 so we know to avoid them.
20:41:55 <SamGoodburn> I have the list on a google doc
20:42:08 <SamGoodburn> but I won't post it here for privicy reasons
20:42:14 <delcypher> Okay please share it with the rest of the committee.
20:42:27 <SamGoodburn> I have been getting there Names, County, and email adress.
20:42:54 <arfoll> SamGoodburn: i think delcypher meant problems with BUC
20:43:13 <delcypher> arfoll: I actually meant both
20:43:54 <arfoll> well I dont want a word sheet of unencrypted emails flying about. I suggest moving it to excel and importing into google docs
20:44:15 <joe____> how about speaking to Roger at BUC at putting flyers in his orders?
20:44:27 <delcypher> arfoll: SamGoodburn said it was already in google Docs.
20:44:29 <arfoll> joe____: thats an awesome idea
20:44:44 <arfoll> delcypher: oh awesome excuse my read fail :)
20:44:58 <delcypher> joe____: That's a good idea. Are you likely to see Roger anytime soon?
20:45:24 <joe____> i mean at UDC
20:45:28 <joe____> about BUC and UUU
20:45:40 <SamGoodburn> It is in a excel google doc
20:45:48 <joe____> yeah, was planning on calling him soon, might do it this weekend
20:46:39 <delcypher> joe____: Would you be happy to ask him if he'd be willing to put flyers in his orders and also maybe promote the event on the website?
20:47:04 <arfoll> kk can we move on?
20:47:34 <joe____> yeah put me down for that
20:48:09 <delcypher> #action SamGoodburn has been collecting e-mail addresses of people who might be interested in BUC. He will share the list as a google docs spreadsheet with the rest of the committee.
20:48:37 <delcypher> #action joe____ will speak to Roger from unicycle.com and ask him if he'd be interested in helping us promote BUC via flyers in orders and possibility on the website.
20:48:41 <SamGoodburn> Also I would like another other lists of unicyclists email adresses we may have to add to it...
20:48:59 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: eh?
20:49:13 <ChairmanKris> SamGoodburn: i will send you what i have
20:49:13 <SamGoodburn> You said Barry and Steve had lists?
20:49:43 <SamGoodburn> Thanks Kris
20:50:18 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: If committee members have access to the spreadsheet then ChairmanKris and BarryGates can add it themselves. I'm not very happy with people e-mailing large lists of e-mail addresses to each other in an un-encrypted form.
20:51:13 <SamGoodburn> ok
20:51:17 <ChairmanKris> ok how about i just cc the comitte in to the next email that way you can see all the other cc's?
20:51:49 <SamGoodburn> Sounds good!
20:52:14 <ChairmanKris> ok Move on we'r reching the 2hr mark now!
20:52:27 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: Technically that's the exact opposite of what I suggested.
20:52:30 <arfoll> ChairmanKris: no!
20:52:51 <ChairmanKris> ok i wont do that then,
20:52:51 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: It would be A LOT safer for you to just add the addresses to the spreadsheet.
20:53:07 <ChairmanKris> ok
20:53:15 <delcypher> #action ChairmanKris will add the e-mail addresses he has to the Google Docs spreadsheet.
20:53:37 <delcypher> Okay let's move on
20:53:42 <arfoll> delcypher: i propose you and i have a chat about adding those people to an automatic mailing list or something and have a process for emailing the list
20:53:52 <delcypher> arfoll: sure
20:53:55 <SamGoodburn> I'll email you the link to the spread sheet.
20:53:57 <SamGoodburn> okay moving on
20:54:16 <delcypher> #action delcypher arfoll and GK will speak about having a mailing list
20:54:24 <delcypher> #topic Level testing
20:54:53 <delcypher> #info In the past the UUU organised level testing but we (the new committee) know very little about it.
20:55:06 <ChairmanKris> how do you become a level tester? i think there should be level testing @ BUC next year
20:55:14 <delcypher> #info We need to find out who the qualified level testers are
20:55:15 <joe____> im going to have to depart at 9 boys
20:55:23 <arfoll> as far as I know only sarah in the UK is a level tester
20:55:33 <arfoll> and you have to be trained by the IUF ro something
20:55:36 <delcypher> #info We need find out who has been awarded what level in the past
20:55:40 <arfoll> she used to keep records of who was what level
20:55:48 <arfoll> and people kept their own certificates
20:55:53 <SamGoodburn> sarah's husband.. steve deverus
20:56:06 <SamGoodburn> *devrux or what ever spelling
20:56:16 <delcypher> #info We need to get hold of certificate templates too
20:56:21 <ChairmanKris> who decided they were qualified? the IUF?
20:56:35 <delcypher> #info we need to find out how to become a qualified tester
20:56:37 <arfoll> ChairmanKris: i believe so, at unicon i think you can become a level tester
20:56:59 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: If you read through old AGMs the UUU were in the process of adopting IUF testing rules
20:57:11 <delcypher> ChairmanKris: but I'm not sure what happened.
20:57:39 <SamGoodburn> When I went to unicon I heard nothing about levels testing what so ever
20:57:50 <joe____> sarah who?
20:58:12 <delcypher> I know Connie Cotter did level testing as she tested me once. I also remember her being quite interested in the UK following IUF rules rather than the UUU's
20:58:22 <ChairmanKris> ahh ok because there is a list of what is required to achive a certain level, surely we could give out UUU certificates untill somof us become qualified testers
20:58:37 <arfoll> delcypher: oh yeah there was somethign weird about that... maybe worth talking to connie about it
20:58:49 <joe____> talk to JUST about level testing
20:58:52 <joe____> they do a lot
20:59:13 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: You are our freestyle GURU. Would you be happy to look into these issues for us?
20:59:15 <joe____> and i think they train testers too
20:59:32 <ChairmanKris> joe____: undr whos duristiction? there own? uuu? iuf?
20:59:34 <joe____> right im going to have to go. i look forward to reading the minutes
20:59:44 <delcypher> joe____: Okay thanks for coming along.
20:59:45 <joe____> IUF i believe
20:59:57 <ChairmanKris> joe____: cool c u next time
21:00:04 <joe____> there should be something about it on their website
21:00:14 <ChairmanKris> joe____: XFACTOR???
21:00:15 <joe____> cool cheers guys. Stay cool! :) x x
21:00:34 <joe____> haha, dinner is ready... and have i got news for you.... honestly not xfactor ;)
21:00:52 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: ??
21:01:32 <SamGoodburn> sorry my computer has lag, let me read up
21:02:57 <SamGoodburn> Not quite clear on what the issue is?
21:03:16 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: I'm asking if you would be happy to look into the level testing issues for us?
21:03:27 <delcypher> SamGoodburn: Those issues being the ones noted in the agenda.
21:04:26 <SamGoodburn> Okay I'll do that
21:04:54 <ChairmanKris> oops
21:05:17 <delcypher> #action SamGoodburn will find out who the qualitifed level testers are
21:05:36 <delcypher> #action SamGoodburn will find the record of who was awarded what
21:05:42 <SamGoodburn> and also email you with the google doc of email adresses. And now I must also go! Thanks guys, great work.
21:06:10 <delcypher> #action SamGoodburn will find out what level testing system the UUU was using... and maybe what we should be using instead?
21:06:16 <arfoll> SamGoodburn: you dont email the gdoc document, you give UUU access
21:06:48 <delcypher> #action SamGoodburn will try to find level testing certificate templates.
21:07:09 <delcypher> oh he's gone... oh well.
21:07:29 <delcypher> Well it's been 2hrs so I might skip the last two points and just talk about them in the next meeting.
21:07:37 <delcypher> Happy with that?
21:07:49 <arfoll> yeah suits me
21:07:54 <arfoll> tbh theres just three of us now
21:08:01 <arfoll> and we're all seeing each other tmrw anyways
21:08:06 <ChairmanKris> yep, will c u guys tomorow any way.
21:08:13 <delcypher> okay let's end this.
21:08:16 <delcypher> #endmeeting