19:10:19 <delcypher> #startmeeting
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19:10:24 <izqit> Announcement from my owner (arfoll): I concur
19:10:40 <delcypher> #topic Note which committee members are present
19:10:54 <gkmac> I'm Gavin MacGregor (aka gkmac) the UUU webmaster.
19:10:54 <Chairman> Kris Abraham
19:11:03 <arfoll> Brendan Le Foll
19:11:05 <delcypher> I need every committee member to say who they are with #info in front like this
19:11:09 <Voodoojason> Is this freaking anyone else out?
19:11:15 <delcypher> #info delcypher is Dan Liew - secretary
19:11:21 <EmilyJ> #info Emily Johnson
19:11:22 <arfoll> #info arfoll is Brendan Le Foll - trials
19:11:23 <Chairman> #info kris Abraham
19:11:32 <gkmac> #info I'm Gavin MacGregor (aka gkmac) the UUU webmaster.
19:11:42 <Joe_____> Joe Baxter (Treasurer)
19:12:02 <Voodoojason> #info Jason Auld (aka scotland's sexiest unicyclist) Street rep
19:12:06 <Simon____> #info Simon Berry - Flatland
19:12:08 <Joe_____> #info Joe Baxter - Treasurer
19:12:28 <delcypher> Cool I think that's it, lets move on
19:12:42 <delcypher> #topic New rep roles: What do they do?
19:13:10 <Voodoojason> good call
19:13:16 <Chairman> I think the roles on agenda are quite acurate
19:13:37 <arfoll> #agree
19:13:42 <delcypher> #info New roles (flatland, freestyle, muni, street, trials) have been added and have been filled.
19:13:52 <Chairman> although all the reps should get the same description
19:13:54 <Voodoojason> #agree
19:14:08 <Joe_____> #agree
19:14:28 <delcypher> I modified the roles a little while ago. Did people see the bit about "Responsibilities for discipline representative roles"?
19:14:56 <Voodoojason> I didn't
19:15:04 <delcypher> Take a look at the docment
19:15:11 <Chairman> This Bit? Responsibilities applicable to all roles  •	Communicate with unicyclists and non-unicyclists with courtesy and respect when representing the UUU. We want to show the UK the best of UK unicycling NOT the worst. •	Check UUU e-mail account at least once every 3 days.  •	Check UUU committee forum at least once every 3 days. •	Inform secretary if will be away for more than a week so we know if you cannot be contacted?  •
19:15:17 <delcypher> #links https://docs.google.com/a/unicycle.org.uk/document/d/1Pbe-pMD9MAb7v64bciqbUYhFfr2slutga2F0tLck_z4/edit#
19:15:25 <delcypher> #link https://docs.google.com/a/unicycle.org.uk/document/d/1Pbe-pMD9MAb7v64bciqbUYhFfr2slutga2F0tLck_z4/edit#
19:15:31 <arfoll> Voodoojason: you already filled it in
19:15:40 <delcypher> Chairman: yes that bit
19:15:42 <Voodoojason> aye but that was like a week ago
19:16:00 <arfoll> #info jason's memory is poor
19:16:13 <Voodoojason> #agree
19:16:25 <Chairman> delcypher: i think that is a good description or basis for all comitte members to work to
19:16:25 <delcypher> well there's three bits. Responsibilities for all roles, responsibilities for rep roles and roles specific to each role.
19:16:45 <Joe_____> #coolbeans
19:16:46 * Mowcius thinks this is going to make for some weird meeting minutes
19:16:53 <gkmac> #agree about importance of checking e-mail and forum every 3 days.
19:16:59 <delcypher> Mowcius: probably.
19:17:16 <Joe_____> #agree @ gkmac
19:17:31 <delcypher> Does everyone agree to check their e-mail/forum every 3 days? It's not unreasonable.
19:17:43 <EmilyJ> #agree
19:17:49 <Voodoojason> #agree
19:17:53 <gkmac> #agree
19:17:54 <arfoll> well depends, on holiday it might not happen for me...
19:18:02 <Joe_____> emails can be set up to come straight through to your phone if you have a smart phone. This way you shouldnt miss emails. I have it set up like that. Sometimes I do slack on checking the forum weekly though
19:18:12 <Chairman> delcypher: yes
19:18:14 <arfoll> i think it should just be best efforts, theres enough of us to check up on each other
19:18:36 <Eddbmxdude> Alan was in the wrong room, just messaged me on Facebook
19:18:40 <delcypher> arfoll: That's why there is a bit about informing me if you're going to be away for a long while.
19:18:47 <delcypher> iuf: Hi Alan
19:18:50 <Joe_____> yeah. If there is anything very very important an email can be sent to remind people to check
19:18:52 <Simon____> Yes, apologies for my non-checking-every-3-days-so-far. When my new phone arrives i'll make sure to set the email account up with it so i'm notified whenever there are messages.
19:18:54 <iuf> sorry I am late
19:18:56 <delcypher> #info iuf is Alan Hogan (IUF)
19:19:03 <delcypher> iuf: Don't worry about it.
19:19:29 <iuf> frigging computer rain an update
19:19:37 <Chairman> Well if anythig important comes up we could FB each outher as a doubble measure?
19:19:46 <gkmac> I'm not on FB.
19:19:55 <delcypher> #agreed Committee members will check their e-mail at least once every 3 days.
19:19:58 <Voodoojason> GK, you need a facebook and a facebook fan page
19:20:15 <arfoll> Chairman: i'd rather not get an influx of msgs... probs better to find someone else who knows where you are hiding
19:20:32 <gkmac> What I think of Facebook is another topic for another time. I'm easily reachable by e-mail.
19:20:49 <Chairman> gkmac: good call also individuals may ask specific question to reps ect so check emails is best
19:21:02 <delcypher> arfoll: I agree. I would prefer to keep my UUU and personal stuff seperate. It really isn't very hard to check your e-mail.
19:21:24 <Chairman> arfoll: good call also individuals may ask specific question to reps ect so check emails is best
19:21:35 <Voodoojason> I think we all agree that we should check emails regularly. It may not happen like clockwork but hopefully we can pull together and make it work the best we can
19:21:58 <arfoll> ^++
19:22:04 <Chairman> #agree Voodoojason
19:22:27 <Voodoojason> Remember, one of the main reasons for the failure of the former UUU was a break down in communication, so it's very important we stay in touch with each other and the people we represent, but we're only human.
19:22:52 <delcypher> Can we agree to check the forum too? If you subscribe to the forum you don't have to check it manually you will informed when someone posts to the UUU forum.
19:23:15 <Chairman> delcypher: Yes
19:23:17 <arfoll> yes i think the forum is also quite important since thats the public space for UUU
19:23:30 <Chairman> agreed
19:23:33 <gkmac> #agreed
19:23:41 <Chairman> #agreed
19:23:43 <Voodoojason> #agreed
19:23:54 <Joe_____> I dont think GK needs reminding to check emails every 3 days
19:23:58 <Joe_____> This guy is on it!
19:24:08 <Simon____> #agreed
19:24:11 <gkmac> Joe_____: thanks Joseph.
19:24:14 <Voodoojason> #agreed
19:24:29 <Joe_____> but a FB fan page wouldnt go a miss ;)
19:24:44 <Chairman> we'v got a uuu page?
19:24:49 <delcypher> #agreed Committee members will check the UUU forum at least every 3 days (it is advised that committee members subscribe to the forum so that they do not need to check manually).
19:24:52 <Mowcius> G+ page?
19:24:54 <arfoll> Chairman: yes
19:25:06 <Joe_____> #agree
19:25:26 <arfoll> Mowcius: is there anyone on G+ not on FB?
19:25:38 <Joe_____> i think this meeting is going over 1 hour
19:25:42 <Chairman> arfoll: oopps that was a statement not a question
19:25:48 <delcypher> #info Voodoojason setup a facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/theunionofukunicyclists
19:25:59 <arfoll> Chairman: no probs
19:26:08 <delcypher> #info delcypher setup a twitter acount : @UUUnicyclists
19:26:30 <delcypher> #info delcypher currently has control over both facebook and twitter pages/accounts.
19:26:56 <Chairman> delcypher: you secritary so thats cool
19:26:57 <delcypher> Mowcius: I am on google+ but I haven't made a page for the UUU because I don't know many unicyclists that use it
19:27:04 <Simon____> With great control comes great responsibility
19:27:27 <Chairman> delcypher: move on?
19:27:30 * delcypher thinks mindfully of Uncle Ben.
19:27:38 <gkmac> I think we should move on.
19:27:40 <izqit> Announcement from my owner (arfoll): Simon____: so true...
19:27:42 <Mowcius> I've seen a number of unicyclists add me (not sure if in the UK or not but it can't hurt to have a page on there too
19:28:09 <delcypher> Chairman: There is one more thing I need to ask... sorry
19:28:10 <Chairman> Mowcius: who are you?
19:28:20 <Chairman> delcypher: no probs
19:28:26 <arfoll> Chairman: Rob Whitfield
19:28:47 <delcypher> There is also a point in the draft about "Inform secretary if will be away for more than a week"
19:28:48 <Chairman> Mowcius: nice to meet you Rob
19:29:11 <delcypher> Do all committee members agree to do this?
19:29:19 <Chairman> #agree
19:29:23 <Voodoojason> #agree
19:29:28 <iuf> #agree
19:29:29 <gkmac> #agreed is that why you set up the Google Calendar?
19:29:54 <Simon____> #agree
19:30:08 <delcypher> gkmac: Yes it is. My plan was for people to mark in their calendars when they would be away for long periods of time and then share that calendar with the rest of the UUU so we know when committee members are going to be away.
19:30:12 <arfoll> i agree as long as not expected to put all trips > 1 week in the calendar
19:30:51 <Simon____> Yeah we need to sort out being away. For instance the next 2 sundays I'll be in France for CFM, the French Championships
19:30:53 <iuf> if meeting are online it should be a problem though
19:31:00 <Chairman> Makes little differance ill always have email anywhere in the world
19:31:09 <delcypher> arfoll: That kind of was my expectation. If you think 1 week is too short we could change that to two weeks?
19:32:04 <arfoll> delcypher: two weeks away from the net? Bitch please!
19:32:14 <Chairman> arfoll: lol
19:32:51 <arfoll> delcypher: yeah 1 week away from email people should probably set an OOO reply
19:32:56 <Voodoojason> arfoll: ROFL
19:33:00 <arfoll> OOO = out of office
19:33:23 <Chairman> #agree
19:33:39 <gossi> i don't think you need to have an away calendar instead announce important meetings with doodle way upfront can solve this too
19:34:01 <arfoll> #agree gossi
19:34:03 <gkmac> I thought Doodle was an excellent way of asking "when should we all have this meeting".
19:34:25 <arfoll> Doodle was great. delcypher should keep using it
19:34:26 <Joe_____> yeah, schedule meetings so people can be free and if anyone if anyway then they can shout up
19:34:52 <Voodoojason> #agree
19:34:54 <delcypher> gossi: You raise a good point.
19:34:55 <Chairman> #agree Joe_____ gkmac
19:35:17 <Joe_____> for example although i might not away for >1week, I still might not be able to make a meeting
19:35:46 <delcypher> So shall we use continue to use doodle to organise messages but set an "out of office reply" on our e-mail accounts if we will be uncontactable for a long period of time?
19:36:10 <gkmac> #agreed we should continue to use Doodle
19:36:15 <delcypher> Seems like the easiest way.
19:36:30 <Joe_____> #agree @delcypher
19:36:41 <Chairman> Yep doodle was easy even for me
19:36:53 <Chairman> #agree delcypher
19:37:01 <Voodoojason> i'm not sure what doodle us but I'll #agree due to peer pressure
19:37:19 <Joe_____> it was the ticky boxes with the dates/times in
19:37:22 <delcypher> Voodoojason: Doodle was the "poll" I got everyone to fill in about when they were available for this meeting.
19:37:24 <Voodoojason> apologies for terrible spelling
19:37:32 <Chairman> Voodoojason: you used dodle to agree to this meeting
19:37:43 <Voodoojason> delcypher: aye, that was good #agree
19:37:50 <Joe_____> brb... xfactor resutls
19:38:05 <Joe_____> haha joke
19:38:15 <delcypher> #agreed Committee members will set an "out of office reply" on their e-mail accounts
19:38:36 <delcypher> #aggreed Doodle will be used to organise IRC meetings.
19:39:33 <delcypher> #topic New rep roles: What do they do, how do they promote their discipline?
19:39:38 <delcypher> okay let's move on...
19:39:45 <delcypher> thoughts on the topic...
19:40:29 <Joe_____> anyone?
19:40:33 <Chairman> Rep roles are quite self explanitary
19:40:38 <Joe_____> yeah
19:40:45 <Voodoojason> Chairman: #agreed
19:40:51 <Chairman> the agenda sets the idea out quite well
19:41:13 <Simon____> #Agreed
19:41:21 <Chairman> I liked Voodoojason (trials) description best
19:41:39 <arfoll> Chairman: i am trials...
19:41:40 <Chairman> perhaps a all incompasing description could be agreed on though?
19:41:45 <Voodoojason> Chairman: I wish I could take responsibility for that but I wrote street
19:42:03 <delcypher> Chairman: There is an all encompassing description. I need people to agree/disagree on it.
19:42:28 <Chairman> arfoll: sorry street, but a mish mash of yours and Voodoojason  is perfect
19:42:35 <gkmac> #agreed that the agenda does describe the roles fairly clearly.
19:42:47 <Joe_____> is @Eddbmxdude here, or still watching porn?
19:42:49 <Chairman> delcypher: post it here
19:43:02 <delcypher> * Be the point of communication for unicyclists and non-unicyclists of your discipline.
19:43:08 <delcypher> Help organise BUC event for your discipline.
19:43:16 <delcypher> * Promote your discipline? How?
19:43:23 <delcypher> * Organise rides??
19:43:37 <Joe_____> no
19:43:45 <Voodoojason> Delcypher: I had an issue with the word "promote"
19:43:50 <delcypher> Those are the 4 points I came up with that are common to the roles.
19:43:58 <Joe_____> help people organise rides maybe
19:44:06 <Joe_____> i mean for sure
19:44:15 <gkmac> I believe there's a strong case for "Help organise BUC event for your discipline".
19:44:18 <Joe_____> but it cant be down to the rep to organise rides
19:44:34 <Joe_____> Who is going to come all the way up here for a muni ride?
19:44:35 <delcypher> Voodoojason: What would you prefer instead of "promote"?
19:44:54 <Chairman> Voodoojason: Promote = problem?
19:44:55 <arfoll> Joe_____: i dont think its down to reps to do that, but it is to make sure rides are getting organised and promote the rides happening
19:44:57 <delcypher> Joe_____: Maybe it should be "encourage" rides instead of "organise"
19:45:12 <Simon____> I like the word  promote. Good word.
19:45:15 <Voodoojason> delcypher: like Joe just said, I don't think we can expect the reps to take the responsibility of the whole discipline onto their shoulders
19:45:19 <Joe_____> Reps should help groups of riders get in touch, and from that, organise rides
19:45:26 <Joe_____> local rides for local people
19:45:32 <Simon____> Encourage is also good
19:45:42 <arfoll> yeah we dont foreigners on our rides! or people from too far out!
19:45:54 <Joe_____> haha
19:45:57 <delcypher> okay changing it to encourage rides
19:45:58 <Joe_____> yes.
19:46:05 <Joe_____> #agree
19:46:08 <gossi> Voodoojason: then they should build a team around themself
19:46:28 <Voodoojason> I think we should help others organise rides, we should be trying to aid others and the UUU should be a tool for the wider unicycling community, rather than us controlling the scene
19:46:48 <Chairman> Voodoojason: i like that
19:46:52 <arfoll> Voodoojason++
19:46:57 <gossi> +1 Voodoojason
19:47:44 <arfoll> i also think it should be about getting newcomers to join the sport and come to the rides
19:47:49 <Joe_____> yes. encourage meeting and riding together, and notifying other of it by way of UUU
19:47:59 <Simon____> Jason speaks sense
19:48:04 <Simon____> Voodoo love
19:48:20 <Voodoojason> Simon: #voodooforever
19:48:42 <Voodoojason> although we're completely impartial in here
19:49:25 <delcypher> Can all the committee members have the meeting agenda document open? It would make things a lot easier if you could see the roles section of the document.
19:49:27 <Joe_____> shame Hodges isnt here
19:49:45 <delcypher> Joe_____: Does he still ride?
19:49:53 <Chairman> Voodoojason: im not sure the promotion of voodoo during a uuu meeting is apropriate, i belive you had a similar discussion with goodburn on the forum the other day?
19:49:54 <gkmac> delcypher: I've had the agenda document open all the time...
19:50:07 <Chairman> delcypher: iv got it
19:50:40 <delcypher> #agreed a role of reps will be to "Help/encourage others to organise rides"
19:51:07 <delcypher> We don't really have an agreement about the "promote your discipline" bit, am I just taking that bullet point out?
19:51:53 <Chairman> I think people should promote ther disipline
19:52:03 <Chairman> naturaly most do anyway
19:52:09 <Joe_____> yes
19:52:16 <Joe_____> you promote it by riding
19:52:25 <Joe_____> by encouraging others
19:52:34 <Joe_____> by posting and generating interest
19:52:43 <Chairman> if your at buc talk to none trials riders about trials hockey street ect
19:52:55 <Chairman> or annother ride , event
19:53:26 <Chairman> most do more than one disiplin
19:54:37 <Joe_____> most disciplnes are self promoting I think. If someone sees it they think yeah i want to do that. They dont need to be talked into it.
19:54:38 <delcypher> Chairman: You've lost me...
19:55:21 <Voodoojason> I don't want to over complicate things but I alway saw the rep role as much like the role of an MP. In my case, Street riders communicate with me to make sure that what they want from the sport, happens
19:55:22 <Chairman> sorry, if i go to a hockey match, ill talk to hockey players about a up and coming trials on muni ride ect
19:55:45 <arfoll> Joe_____: yes but answering questions, being opened to newcomers coming on rides etc... And generally letting people take part
19:56:13 <Voodoojason> If Street riders feel that competitions aren't run properly, they come to me. If they want to organise workshops, demos or events they come to me and I try and get the UUU to make it happen
19:56:14 <Joe_____> next BUC will be like walking through the entrance of a supermarket with the AA guys saying 'Can I interest you in breakdown cover'. Ill be stood at the doors offering people a muni ride
19:56:38 <delcypher> Joe_____: Lol!
19:56:41 <arfoll> lol i hope not
19:56:47 <Simon____> I don't think we need to talk anyone into anything. If we're talking about something then the people that are interested will follow, we're organising/leading things not brainwashing
19:56:50 <Voodoojason> Joe: That's not all you were offering last BUC
19:57:03 <arfoll> anyways we've probably drifted offtopic - need to get back on
19:57:08 <Joe_____> yeah, but that was over 18s only!
19:57:18 <Joe_____> well...
19:57:24 <Joe_____> she looked 18 to me
19:57:30 <arfoll> s/she/he
19:57:37 <Joe_____> I asked her father first
19:57:43 <Joe_____> *Germany*
19:58:31 <Chairman> Guys this is a union meeting and we'r less than half way through the agenda, try and stay on topic!!!!!!
19:58:45 <Joe_____> but you wouldnt not talk about any unicycle, especially what you rep
19:58:49 <delcypher> Can we all agree to look at the "draft" for the rep roles and check that you're all happy with it. This would of been a lot faster if you all had the document open in front of you so you could read it.
19:58:57 <gkmac> Chairman: we should move on to next item...
19:59:05 <Joe_____> mines open
19:59:12 <Voodoojason> delcypher: I agree with the descriptions
19:59:31 <Chairman> delcypher: #agree
19:59:34 <delcypher> #agreed Committee members agree with current descriptions
19:59:42 <gkmac> #agreed
19:59:56 <delcypher> #topic communication: is it working okay?
20:00:05 <gkmac> Is what working okay?
20:00:11 <iuf> # agreed .............. sorry guys I have to go, busy night :(
20:00:21 <Simon____> I also agree with all the descriptions
20:00:27 <delcypher> e-mail, forum and irc
20:00:35 <delcypher> and google docs
20:00:39 <gkmac> Sorry didn't see the "communication" bit...
20:00:55 <Chairman> it's working fine for me
20:01:05 <arfoll> delcypher: i think the googledocs is a bit of a pain and agenda is kinda closed, could we not move to etherpad or similar?
20:01:11 <gkmac> Well no problems with the e-mails so far for me.
20:01:16 <delcypher> I'm going to assume e-mail and forum is okay as we've already discussed it
20:01:23 <Joe_____> working fine.
20:01:27 <delcypher> #agreed e-mail and forum communication is satisfactory
20:01:34 <Chairman> delcypher: #agree
20:01:36 <gkmac> #agreed
20:01:53 <gkmac> But currently the UUU sub-forum is private to the committee only. Should we open this up to the public?
20:01:57 <delcypher> arfoll: What's wrong with google docs? All committee members can edit documents and they are public so anyone can read them.
20:01:57 <Joe_____> certinaly the most communication ive had with the UUU in the past 2 years since i was chairman
20:02:20 <arfoll> delcypher: but then I have to sign in... didnt realise anyone could read. guess its the same then!
20:02:56 <Voodoojason> nice of Alan to say bye
20:02:59 <delcypher> arfoll: The agenda document is currently public for anyone to read.
20:03:03 <Joe_____> he did
20:03:16 <Voodoojason> I think the comms so far has been good, it may take a while for everyone to get used to but I think we need to expect teething problems
20:03:19 <arfoll> Voodoojason is now gonna look like a dick in the logs lol
20:03:32 <Joe_____> I think it is fine and benifical to have closest forums for the committee
20:03:35 <Voodoojason> ROFL, my bad, sorry Alan
20:03:54 <arfoll> Joe_____: we already have email for closed comms...
20:04:12 <Joe_____> yeah but they are long winded
20:04:16 <delcypher> so we're happy with google docs for now then I take it?
20:04:26 <Chairman> Joe_____: i agree a private forum is usefull for open discussion with comitee members
20:04:29 <Joe_____> at least with threads everything is there in one place
20:04:30 <Voodoojason> I'm happy with google docs
20:04:32 <arfoll> Joe_____: because receiving an email for the forum to login to the forum to then post is not?
20:04:36 <Chairman> delcypher: im happy
20:04:58 <Joe_____> why do you log out?
20:05:07 <Joe_____> just stay logged in, the same as you would your emails
20:05:14 <gkmac> We've only used Google Docs for the agenda so far...
20:05:25 <arfoll> one computer, two computers,...
20:05:38 <Joe_____> its hardly hard work
20:06:00 <Joe_____> keepseverything in one place too
20:06:01 <arfoll> well it means I can't sync and then read offline. kinda annoying
20:06:07 <Joe_____> we either have emails only, or a private forum
20:06:15 <delcypher> #agreed google docs is fine
20:06:21 <arfoll> i just dont see the use for both systems.
20:06:21 <Joe_____> i know, whos ever offline?
20:06:23 <delcypher> #topic communication: open/closed forum?
20:06:43 <Chairman> i vote closed has its uses
20:06:45 <Joe_____> fair enough
20:06:55 <Chairman> i can see the conversation thread easily
20:07:06 <arfoll> I'm not checking emails + a closed forum
20:07:12 <arfoll> its a pain and generally pointless
20:07:14 <Joe_____> its easier to track
20:07:15 <Chairman> if people want to make threads public then they can
20:07:36 <Joe_____> you can read through 20+ replies easier on a thread than you can on emails
20:07:44 <delcypher> Chairman: but why do we need to have a private forum. Almost everything we discuss doesn't need to private?
20:07:46 <Voodoojason> I agree, I prefer the forum
20:07:56 <Chairman> arfoll: il email you a link to new threads
20:08:04 <Joe_____> well it desnt need to be private
20:08:14 <arfoll> Chairman: a link is pointless, i then have to be online to read...
20:08:26 <Chairman> arfoll: ok
20:08:27 <gossi> emails should be notifier to sth like a forum thread that something new is there, they are pain for discussion
20:08:27 <gkmac> arfoll: The forum does have RSS feed facilities, I think you can get threads to appear in an RSS reader...
20:08:29 <Joe_____> anyone could view it, but only comittee members can post?
20:08:56 <arfoll> gkmac: cause i really want to check email + rss reader... no diff
20:09:02 <gossi> I'm for a public forum, so I can read it :)
20:09:10 <Chairman> delcypher: good point?
20:09:34 <delcypher> Am I right in getting the impression that most committee members would prefer us to mainly communicate via the forum then rather than e-mail?
20:09:53 <Joe_____> @arfoll how often are you offline?
20:10:01 <Chairman> maybe have a public forum titled comitte buisness?
20:10:05 <Joe_____> #agree
20:10:10 <gkmac> I believe the private forum should only be used for emergencies and sensitive things. Most UUU discussion should take place in the public "Unicycling Discussion" like it always had been.
20:10:11 <delcypher> gossi: Yes I'd like to make it public too. I think most of are leaning in that direction.
20:10:24 <Simon____> #agreed
20:10:32 <arfoll> gkmac: and emergencies are much better on email and sensitive things should not be on PHPbb forums!
20:10:40 <gkmac> I'm happy to make the forum public; it would be an alternative means of contacting the committee.
20:10:49 <Chairman> surely emails arent about comunicating with each other its for outsiders co contact the uuu and there reps?
20:10:54 <Voodoojason> lets make it public, the board has spoken
20:10:57 <gkmac> arfoll: you have a good point there.
20:10:58 <arfoll> Joe_____: trains/planes usually when i catch up on email
20:11:22 <Joe_____> just means if we have the sub forum, we can post in it and know straight away what is active, and it wont get lost amongst othe threads?
20:11:54 <Chairman> Joe_____:  i agree sub public forum
20:11:57 <arfoll> I just dont see anything that would be sensitive that would be ok to post on a forum...
20:12:18 <Joe_____> purely for committee business
20:12:23 <arfoll> like?
20:12:47 <Chairman> arfoll: strating to agree with you on that, if its private then use email
20:12:58 <delcypher> gkmac: Am I right in remembering that you could put "special" permissions on the the UUU forum so that everyone can read/reply to topics but only committee members can post topics?
20:13:24 <gkmac> delcypher: you are correct, but it means that people can't ask the committee questions.
20:13:41 <arfoll> for asking questions we can have a stickied topic
20:13:43 <Chairman> gkmac: they can by email
20:13:47 <Joe_____> updates, money, running of the uuu. boring things people dont want in Unicycling Discussion section
20:13:51 <Chairman> and we can post for them
20:14:03 <arfoll> Joe_____: why would updates and amount of money not be public?
20:14:09 <Voodoojason> chairman: #agree
20:14:34 <arfoll> Joe_____: are meetings are already public and we'd probs discuss these things...
20:14:42 <arfoll> and our logs are also public...
20:14:50 <Joe_____> im not saying they arnt public, but who wants to log on to the forum and the top threads be our business? they want unicycle discussion, not UU business.
20:15:10 <Chairman> i like that public comitte forum anyone can respond to posts only comitte members can post new threads
20:15:12 <Joe_____> if they want to contact the uuu we can make that possible in the unicycle discussion forum
20:15:14 <delcypher> Are agreed on making the UUU forum public then, but with "special permission" so it doesn't get filled with non UUU stuff?
20:15:25 <Joe_____> im easy either way, just my thoughts
20:15:30 <Voodoojason> delcypher: #agreed
20:15:34 <Chairman> delcypher: agreed
20:15:44 <Chairman> delcypher: #agreed
20:15:55 <gkmac> #agreed we'll see how "public replies only" plays out...
20:16:31 <delcypher> Joe_____: If it's just general unicycling discussion there are other forums for it like ..."Unicyling discussion"
20:17:16 <arfoll> i think it should be more for Qs like "have you guys considered creating a rep for sex-unicycling?"
20:17:39 <Chairman> Im that rep!
20:17:47 <Joe_____> yeah thats what im saying. Just an another section of the forum titled something like UUU Business, which any can view but only UUU comittee can create threads
20:17:53 <Voodoojason> arfoll: isn't that why eddbmxdude is here?
20:18:04 <arfoll> Voodoojason: was kinda hoping you'd step up tbh
20:18:17 <Joe_____> #agree
20:18:29 <delcypher> #agreed The UUU committee forum will be made public but with special permissions. Everyone can read/respond to a thread but only committee members can post new threads. This is not permanent and may be changed if we find it is not suitable.
20:18:31 <Voodoojason> arfoll: Always willing to take one for UK Unicycling
20:18:46 <delcypher> shall we move on?
20:18:52 <Voodoojason> lets move on
20:18:52 <Joe_____> #agree move on
20:18:53 <Chairman> yep
20:18:54 <gkmac> delcypher: yes, let's move on
20:19:04 <Simon____> yes let's move on
20:19:06 <arfoll> "This is not permanent and may be changed if we find it is not suitable" - so like everything else ;-)?
20:19:21 <delcypher> #topic handover secretary, treasurer, IUF rep.
20:19:50 <delcypher> #info Sarah Miller has stepped down as secretary and has been replace by Dan Liew
20:20:15 <Joe_____> #agree
20:20:22 * gkmac admires Dan Liew's smile.
20:20:36 <delcypher> #info Luke Dutton has stepped down as treasurer and has been replaced by Joe Baxter
20:21:10 <Joe_____> Yes.
20:21:49 <Joe_____> I will speak to Luke and Sarah regarding the UUU Bank account. I believe it wont be straight forward swapping over names trustees
20:22:11 <delcypher> #action Joe_____ will speak to Luke and Sarah regarding the UUU bank account.
20:22:21 <delcypher> thanks Joe.
20:22:29 <delcypher> Do we know who the former IUF rep was?
20:22:46 <Joe_____> Paul Selwood?
20:22:54 <arfoll> how are we handling transaction transparency and what gets spent on what?
20:22:55 <delcypher> I think it's either Keith Griffis or John Marshall?
20:23:00 <Voodoojason> Joe: I thought it was rocket?
20:23:07 <arfoll> i think it was rocket
20:23:10 <Joe_____> yeah, may well have been
20:23:18 <delcypher> Is rocket Johnathan Marshall?
20:23:31 <Joe_____> i was going to say that but then thought he was more likely to be hockey
20:23:35 <Chairman> ill c rocket on tuesday so could ask him?
20:23:57 <Joe_____> as for transaction transparency, I can publish the bank statements
20:24:03 <arfoll> should IUF rep just be the Chairman until a Unicon comes along?
20:24:24 <Voodoojason> arfoll: #agreed
20:24:28 <delcypher> arfoll: Alan Hogan has volunteered to be our IUF rep.
20:24:30 <Joe_____> I currently dont know the state of the UUU accounts, or how many members we have. I dont believe anyone has paid in the last two years
20:24:51 <Chairman> arfoll: im happy to do it, as i cant forsee alot to do initialy
20:25:13 <arfoll> Joe_____: i think just an update anytime there is a transaction is enough (and just a note to say how much there is when you get access)?
20:25:23 <Chairman> Joe_____: how do we find out? we need to get on that asap
20:25:44 <arfoll> my understanding was that IUF reps met and chat at unicons only to represent the UK, so i dont really see a 'need' before a unicon
20:26:01 <arfoll> hence why one was hastily chosen last time before unicon
20:26:12 <arfoll> but if Alan Hogan wants to do it, another member is a good thing IMHO
20:26:28 <delcypher> arfoll: Alan was in the IRC earlier but left.
20:26:42 <gossi> the responsibility of an iuf rep is: to pass information from the iuf and spread it to people in your country
20:26:43 <Joe_____> IUF rep if their point of contact.
20:26:50 <delcypher> Chairman: So is rocket Johnathan Marshall?
20:27:06 <gkmac> delcypher: Yes, Rocket is Jonathan Marshall,
20:27:12 <gossi> bring up "claims" from your country into the iuf, so they can be discussed there
20:27:29 <Joe_____> the liase, and sort of teams, National or otherwise, etc. This has happened in the past, with the exception of this UNICON
20:27:31 <gossi> its the communcation link between the iuf and your country, best description i got
20:27:38 <Chairman> delcypher: dont know but can find out on tuesday
20:27:47 <arfoll> ok well how often do these communications happen?
20:28:08 <Joe_____> rarely i think
20:28:13 <arfoll> and should we have more dialog on an international level through our IUF rep?
20:28:45 <Joe_____> @gossi are there many IUF meetings?
20:29:17 <arfoll> Joe_____: this isn't twitter using "gossi:" before you speak is the norm ;-)
20:29:30 <delcypher> Chairman: Yes please find out if Rocket was the former IUF rep.
20:29:37 <gossi> nope, i dont think so
20:29:45 <Chairman> delcypher: ok
20:29:45 <arfoll> delcypher #action?
20:29:51 <gossi> and none of the iuf meetings i was part has iuf reps participating
20:29:54 <delcypher> #action Chairman will find out who former IUF was (probably Johnathan Marshall a.k.a rocket)
20:30:00 <gossi> they do get actions via mail
20:30:04 <Joe_____> how do you get someones name up there?
20:30:06 <Joe_____> then
20:30:09 <Joe_____> #
20:30:16 <arfoll> Joe_____: this is me talking to you
20:30:41 <Joe_____> arfoll: so just like that?
20:30:46 <arfoll> Joe_____: exactly
20:30:48 <Joe_____> arfoll: :)
20:31:01 <Joe_____> lets crack on its getting late
20:31:11 <arfoll> yes, so NEXT ITEM!
20:31:25 <delcypher> #action delcypher will pass on contact details of former committee members.
20:31:33 <delcypher> #topic state of UUU membership
20:32:00 <Chairman> Joe_____: as discussed joe will find out?
20:32:04 <Joe_____> Who knows!
20:32:06 <delcypher> #info the UUU membership database is currently functioning and delcypher currently has access to it.
20:32:10 <Joe_____> yes.
20:32:13 <gkmac> As far as I know, only members were people who pre-registered for BUC18.
20:32:15 <arfoll> my understanding was that uuu membership stored Names, emails and addresses. I'd propose that the database does not contain addresses
20:32:33 <arfoll> just emails & names and that we keep a mailing list to advertise BUC & events?
20:32:36 <Joe_____> I can keep track of the database if possible, whos paid, when they pay etc?
20:32:48 <Chairman> arfoll: why not? could be a usefull future mailing list?
20:33:06 <Simon____> addresses seems unnecessary
20:33:07 <Joe_____> i dont see the need to store full address
20:33:14 <arfoll> Chairman: there are legal issues with keeping actual addresses and we'd have to make sure our db is 'secure'
20:33:23 <Joe_____> we couldnt afford to send post to all members anyway
20:33:40 <arfoll> and IMHO sending snail mail is kinda expensive and pointless
20:33:40 <delcypher> #info current UUU membership database is NOT secure and needs replacing!
20:33:43 <Joe_____> plus people move, last person i would think of telling would be the UUU
20:33:48 <Chairman> arfoll: ok get rid then, we probubly cant afford to mail out manualy anyway
20:34:12 <gkmac> The database was set up nearly ten years ago, when Internet access was still in it's infancy.
20:34:32 <arfoll> interesting point though, how do people pay the UUU memmbership fees? I vote cash @ events for simplicity cause posting account numbers or handing account numbers would be painful
20:34:43 <Joe_____> gkmac was the man, even back then in his youth
20:34:56 <delcypher> #agreed A future version of UUU membership database will not store home addresses.
20:35:07 <Voodoojason> arfoll:agreed, I suppose that event will be BUC (fingers crossed)
20:35:11 <arfoll> gkmac: 10 yrs ago was 2002, internet was not in its infancy ;-) anyways we're not here to discuss the past ;-)
20:35:18 <delcypher> They pay by bank transfer/ cheque at the momement
20:35:21 <Chairman> arfoll: good idea but i think well get more money and members if we have a on line access to becoming a member
20:35:33 <delcypher> At buc I think you could pay via cash.
20:35:38 <Danifiver> most people will be willing to pay by paypal and setting up an account is easy... came here to watch but thought I'd say
20:35:44 <Joe_____> bank transfer would be fine
20:35:48 <arfoll> Danifiver: problem with paypal is that they take a fee
20:35:49 <gkmac> arfoll: I was 26 in 2002 you know!
20:36:02 <Joe_____> what about setting up a paypal account? or would their fees not make it worth while?
20:36:07 <arfoll> bank transfer is nice but then you need to publish account & sort code and somone will sign us up to the AA
20:36:19 <arfoll> *again*
20:36:22 <Joe_____> haha, who was that???
20:36:24 <gkmac> We'd need to research just how much PayPal would snatch from us.
20:36:26 <Chairman> arfoll: can we not add the fee on to the membership? anyone know what the fee is?
20:36:43 <Joe_____> wasnt it £1?
20:36:53 <arfoll> Chairman: i'd feel a bit harsh doing that. could be researched
20:36:54 <gossi> 0,2% to paypal if you are non-profit iirc
20:36:55 <Joe_____> how do you mean add it to membership?
20:36:58 <Joe_____> to the forum?
20:37:04 <gkmac> It was £2, but reduced to £1 when the postal newsletter was discontinued.
20:37:20 <gossi> dont nail me on the 0,2%
20:37:22 <gkmac> Also it was included as part of the admission price in previous BUCs.
20:37:24 <Joe_____> The Revolution!
20:37:30 * arfoll nails gossi on 0.2%
20:37:35 <Joe_____> that was on have i got news for you once you know!
20:37:36 <delcypher> https://www.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-receiving-fees-outside&countries=
20:37:47 <delcypher> currently 3.4% on amount + extra 20p
20:37:52 <arfoll> is the uuu an official "not for profit organisation"?
20:37:53 <delcypher> for every transfer
20:38:13 <delcypher> arfoll: Sarah told me it't not registered officially as anything.
20:38:15 * arfoll gets the nailgun out
20:38:27 <Chairman> delcypher: thats quite alot
20:38:31 <arfoll> delcypher: that was my thoughs. maybe we should do that?
20:38:51 <delcypher> arfoll: She told me when the bank account was setup she told the bank that we were a "Sports club"
20:39:32 <gossi> it is 1.4% + 20p for non-profit
20:39:55 <delcypher> gossi: Is that in the UK?
20:40:02 <gossi> yeps
20:40:07 <gossi> https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/home-merchant
20:40:10 <arfoll> gossi: but as discussed we are not a non-profit...
20:40:11 <gossi> click see pricing
20:40:41 <Eddbmxdude> I didn't think Paypal charged for gifts. You could make people send the payment as a gift. You're not covered as a gift but I don't think anyone would have a problem with that, its only a pound and the UUU aren't out to screw anyone
20:40:42 <Chairman> that means a £20 membership becomes £20.48 i dont think thats unreasonable?
20:40:43 <gossi> arfoll: I'm sorry to miss that. Might be worth getting it
20:41:18 <gkmac> Are you sure it's 1.4%? The webpage says it's 3.4% if you receive less than £1,500 a month.
20:41:45 <gossi> gkmac: sorry, i looked for the nonprofit discount rate
20:41:58 <gossi> but arfoll already told me you aren't
20:42:02 <Joe_____> what would the fee be?
20:42:21 <arfoll> i propose that Joe_____ our kind secretary gets an #action ;-)
20:42:35 <Chairman> #agreed
20:42:37 <arfoll> to find out how membership fees can be handled online.
20:42:41 <arfoll> delcypher: ?
20:42:54 <Joe_____> im treasurer
20:43:04 <arfoll> sorry treasurer, not sec ;-)
20:43:09 <Joe_____> ;)
20:43:11 <delcypher> What should joe be doing?
20:43:26 <arfoll> delcypher: find out how membership fees can be handled online
20:43:31 <Chairman> researching payment methods
20:43:31 <Joe_____> well what other options are there?
20:43:49 <Joe_____> internet bank transfer involves giving out our bank details, and paypal takes a fee
20:43:57 <arfoll> Joe_____: well we could accept cheques or money at events only
20:43:58 <delcypher> #action Joe_____ will find out how membership fees can be handled online (paypal or bank transfer)
20:44:24 <Joe_____> i dont think putting our bank details online is so bad?
20:44:26 <delcypher> arfoll: The UUU I think have always accepted cheques through out the year
20:44:37 <Joe_____> they are already on, and only once have we had a problem
20:44:44 <arfoll> Eddbmxdude raises an interesting point about 'gifts' using paypal could be researched too
20:44:47 <delcypher> Joe_____: Putting bank details online is BAD.
20:45:14 <gkmac> Joe_____: the bank details are *not* online at this moment.
20:45:19 <arfoll> Joe_____: it's *not* a gd idea
20:45:21 <Joe_____> there are already online arnt they though?
20:45:28 <Joe_____> ah goo
20:45:30 <Joe_____> god
20:45:33 <Joe_____> thats fine then
20:45:36 <delcypher> Joe_____: No they have been removed for a good reason
20:45:43 <gkmac> They used to be, but I took them down after an unauthorised debit was made.
20:45:54 <arfoll> NEXT TOPIC!
20:45:57 <Voodoojason> why were they removed?
20:46:17 <delcypher> Would everyone like me to look into seeing if the UUU can be registered as a non-profit?
20:46:21 <arfoll> Voodoojason: someone signed UUU to the AA :-) (and it wasnt me)
20:46:26 <Joe_____> I think cash or cheque at events, or paypal, but at a slightly higher rate to cover the fees?
20:46:28 <arfoll> delcypher: I think that could be good
20:46:47 <Voodoojason> arfoll: lol yeah I knew, I just thought it was funny to bring it up again
20:46:49 <delcypher> #action delcypher will see if the UUU can be registered as a non-profit organisation.
20:46:57 <arfoll> Joe_____: if fee is tiny we could just suck it up too. anwyays finding out what the fee actually is would be good
20:47:02 <gkmac> #agreed UUU registed as non-profit
20:47:14 <Chairman> Joe_____: i agree charge the members the paypal fee most will hapily pay it
20:47:27 <Voodoojason> #agreed
20:47:31 <Joe_____> i will look into actual cost
20:47:49 <Joe_____> and set up of paypal account once I have the UUU bnk details
20:48:22 <delcypher> #action Joe_____ will setup a paypal account
20:48:49 <Joe_____> was a price of membership agreed on the forum?
20:48:51 <delcypher> Are we agreed that we will accept cheque payments through out the year?
20:49:11 <Voodoojason> #agreed
20:49:15 <Chairman> agrred, and cash at events?
20:49:20 <gkmac> #agreed about cheque payments and cash at events.
20:49:22 <Voodoojason> #agreed
20:49:29 <Joe_____> yeah i can deal with them and people can post them to me if needs be (although I think paypal fees with be cheaper than a stamp!)
20:49:29 <arfoll> Joe_____: i think price of membership should be discussed at next meeting
20:49:41 <gkmac> A discussion of membership price was here http://www.unicycle.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=954
20:49:53 <Joe_____> okay move on
20:49:55 <arfoll> we should really keep this under >2hrs lol
20:49:58 <Joe_____> cheers gk
20:50:02 <delcypher> #agreed The UUU will continue to accept cheque payments and cash at events. We will investigate doing online payments (e.g. paypall)
20:50:08 <gkmac> Let's move on guys and guy-esses.
20:50:12 <delcypher> #topic how do we encourage membership
20:50:18 <Chairman> yeah im up at 4am so bed time soon!
20:50:24 <Voodoojason> arfoll: I wholeheartedly agree, we need to think about what we're supplying for the membership fee and what we want to spend the money on before we think of a price
20:50:36 <delcypher> Yeah sorry guys I suck as a chairperson
20:50:39 <arfoll> Voodoojason: exact thoughts :)
20:50:45 <Chairman> Can we get some sort of insurance for our members so there coverd at events?
20:50:59 <Chairman> if you want to go to buc u must be a member?
20:51:08 <arfoll> Chairman: wow! insurance and legal stuff? you gotz to be crazy
20:51:15 <gkmac> I believe you had to be a UUU member to enter a BUC competition previously.
20:51:40 <arfoll> i think this topic needs to be discussed properly and not in a short 10mins, lets move to hockey rep & old BUC websites
20:51:52 <delcypher> Okay
20:52:06 <Chairman> arfoll: really? surely you need insurance to hold a buc any way?
20:52:10 <Voodoojason> arfoll: #agreed
20:52:24 <Chairman> arfoll: agreed
20:52:31 <arfoll> Chairman: lets not write anything like that in logs where lawyers could find it k?
20:52:37 <delcypher> #info Encouraging UUU membership, what the UUU does and UUU database will be discussed on another date.
20:52:50 <delcypher> #topic unfilled hockey role
20:53:13 <arfoll> so the hockey role is unfiled but barry gates offered to do it? I say it is now *filled*
20:53:28 <delcypher> #info Barry Gates has said he is happy to be hockey rep if no one else volunteers. No one else has (I contacted every hockey club I could find).
20:54:03 <Voodoojason> on the subject of hockey rep, I think it's up to the hockey community to sort this out. If Barry is keen, get him on board
20:54:24 <Chairman> Barry \also runs the hockey web site i belive?
20:54:39 <delcypher> Shall we discuss the seperation of the UUU and unicycle hockey league or shall we skip it?
20:54:51 <Chairman> i can discuss with barry on tuesday if you wish?
20:55:01 <Voodoojason> chairman: good idea
20:55:05 <delcypher> Chairman: That sounds good
20:55:10 <gkmac> Chairman: please do.
20:55:20 <Chairman> ill email you the response
20:55:25 <arfoll> DONE. NEXT TOPIC!
20:55:27 <Joe_____> I think it should be discussed but not right now
20:55:36 <delcypher> #action Chairman will speak to Barry Gates about the seperate of the UK Unicycle hockey league and the UUU
20:55:40 <delcypher> #topic UUU website
20:55:50 * gkmac whispers that the UUU committee forum is now public.
20:56:01 <arfoll> awesome thanks gkmac
20:56:07 <delcypher> #info Information is currently out of data and it is not easily edited by committee members
20:56:31 <gkmac> Ideally it should be that the information pages should be as easy as making a forum post.
20:56:31 <arfoll> I think all comittee members should look on the site and provide updated info for their topic
20:56:48 <Voodoojason> arfoll: agreed
20:57:08 <delcypher> arfoll: Do you mean as a temporary stop gap until we have a proper system that committee members can edit at any time?
20:57:20 <gkmac> At present editing the pages requires HTML knowledge and an FTP login.
20:57:34 <gkmac> I can trust Brendan and Dan as they are geeky enough to know what that means.
20:57:36 <arfoll> delcypher: yes. I think obviously we should be able to edit it but thats a job for the webmaster
20:58:06 <gkmac> I believe editing the information pages on the UUU website should be as easy as making a forum post.
20:58:09 * arfoll cries at the mention of FTP
20:58:20 * gkmac offers a box of tissues to Brendan
20:58:23 * delcypher delcypher also cires at the mention of FTP
20:58:27 <arfoll> gkmac: great - action for you?
20:58:48 <gkmac> I'm currently looking at CMS software, right now experimenting with DokuWiki since that integrates with phpBB
20:58:56 <Simon____> *simon googles what FTP means to feel included
20:59:08 <Joe_____> Voodoojason: *cries at BBW MFF
20:59:18 <delcypher> gkmac: Much luck with that?
20:59:34 <Voodoojason> Joe: *ROFLs
20:59:39 <gkmac> Well the phpBB integration is the best I've found; the hardest bit will be porting the website style to it.
20:59:51 <gkmac> I've made a start on it, but will need a little work to make it perfect.
20:59:52 <gossi> gkmac: there should be a cms extension to phpbb
21:00:02 <delcypher> gkmac: You can scrap the style I made a few years ago and replace it with something nicer!
21:00:05 <arfoll> delcypher: gkmac: not interesting to most here - discuss in private or in another meeting. #action for gkmac and lets move on
21:00:23 <Chairman> #agred
21:00:29 <Voodoojason> arfoll: #agreed
21:00:29 <Chairman> #agreed
21:00:33 <gkmac> I thought the idea of all UUU committee members editing the website easily would be nice.
21:00:40 <delcypher> #action gkmac will continue to investigate DokuWiki to allow committee members to easily edit UUU website.
21:00:43 <arfoll> we can set up a seperate website dev meeting on IRC if you guys want
21:01:02 <arfoll> so everyone can get their opinions in to gkmac and he can update us on the possibilities
21:01:06 <gkmac> #agreed I'm happy to continue with DokuWiki investigating.
21:01:23 <gkmac> Dan, Brendan, if you wanted an FTP login in the meantime I'd be happy to provide that.
21:01:32 * gkmac gets more boxes of tissues for Dan and Brendan.
21:01:46 <delcypher> Are we agreed on the reps providing on some sort of material to go on the UUU website in the mean time until the UUU website is fixed?
21:01:50 <Voodoojason> gkmac: I could do with some tissues
21:02:08 <arfoll> delcypher: i say thats extra work, for him to decide. I dont think its necessary
21:02:10 <gkmac> Voodoojason: Jason, I thought you were tough and butch...
21:02:10 <Voodoojason> @delcypher: #agreed
21:02:18 <delcypher> Voodoojason: Close your "private browsing" window, save that till later. You don't want sticky keys.
21:02:35 <arfoll> gkmac: dont think he's wiping tears ;-)
21:02:36 <Voodoojason> gkmac: @delcypher got it
21:02:42 <gkmac> Ahem. Let's move on...
21:02:56 <Chairman> Stay on topic lads iv got work early!
21:03:08 <delcypher> how do the reps want to write their content as most don't know about HTML
21:03:28 <Voodoojason> stick it in an email and send it to the webmaster?
21:03:45 <gkmac> Probably e-mails yes, I can add the HTML techie stuff to it without a problem.
21:04:02 <arfoll> gkmac: if you're ok with that soltution then #action
21:04:25 <delcypher> #agreed Reps will e-mail updated content for their discipline to gkmac so he can update the UUU website.
21:04:42 <delcypher> #Old BUC websites do we need to keep them?
21:04:52 <delcypher> #topic Old BUC websites do we need to keep them?
21:04:54 <delcypher> sorry...
21:05:01 <delcypher> Getting tired.
21:05:08 <arfoll> I think yes because they are hilarious. Accessible through a not so easy link to find on the UUU website
21:05:25 <delcypher> #info The old BUC websites are still available.
21:05:43 <gkmac> They are taking up about 21Mb of webspace.
21:05:58 <Chairman> is that bad?
21:06:03 <delcypher> 21MB isn't that much is it...?
21:06:09 <gkmac> Not really.
21:06:10 <Chairman> means nothinbg to me
21:06:26 <gkmac> The other issue is that apart from literally one exception, no competition results were posted on them at all.
21:06:33 <arfoll> 21MB is 4*gangnam style on MP3
21:06:57 <Chairman> if its a problem get rid of them there useless to us,
21:07:01 <arfoll> gkmac: cant change the past. lets hope future BUCs are slightly more organised with results
21:07:05 <delcypher> gkmac: I say if they don't pose a security risk (I remember they had php forms for e-mailing stuff to people) then I say keep them.
21:07:06 <gkmac> Also there are old e-mail addresses and postal addresses still open.
21:07:08 <Chairman> why not post results on the uuu
21:07:34 <delcypher> Is there any record of the results of previous BUCs?
21:07:35 <gkmac> Me and Dan were thinking of a "BUC history" page, like a list of dates and previous locations where past BUCs happened.
21:07:43 <arfoll> gkmac: maybe scrub addresses + emails? and add a stupid header saying "OLD OLD OLD"?
21:07:51 <Voodoojason> gkmac: good idea, history is important
21:07:59 <gkmac> An example of an old site: http://www.unicycle.org.uk/buc9/
21:08:02 <arfoll> also would help to show that we are awesome and historical
21:08:04 <Chairman> gkmac: i like it old results
21:08:14 <Joe_____> love it
21:08:18 <gkmac> I wouldn't get rid of them completely, I'd keep them in storage.
21:08:52 <arfoll> i think they're hilarious, we have to keep 'em for people to laugh at how old school we where
21:09:05 <Chairman> #agreed with gkmac move on?
21:09:08 <arfoll> check this out - http://www.unicycle.org.uk/buc7/
21:09:12 <arfoll> delcypher: think we have to leave item 12 (BUC) for another meeting
21:09:30 <delcypher> arfoll: I think so
21:09:35 <arfoll> lets #end!
21:09:42 <delcypher> So what's the consensus on old BUC websites?
21:09:43 <gkmac> So should we keep the old BUC sites online, or archive them?
21:09:45 <Voodoojason> arfoll: #agreed
21:09:50 <arfoll> arfoll votes KEEP!
21:09:52 <Chairman> arfoll: agrred
21:10:07 <Chairman> gkmac: keep and post old results on the uuu
21:10:30 <gkmac> There aren't any old results, just trials from BUC14 and all results from BUC17.
21:10:45 <delcypher> #action gkmac will keep old BUC sites available. In the future attempt to post old results too if we can find them.
21:10:51 <Chairman> gkmac: surely somone knows the results?
21:10:51 <gkmac> No results are available for all the other BUCs. We've checked. http://www.unicycle.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=828
21:11:05 <gkmac> Chairman: and don't call me Shirley.
21:11:21 <Voodoojason> gkmac: LOL
21:11:27 <Chairman> hmm from now on results should definatly be posted on the uuu
21:11:50 <delcypher> #agreed Future BUCs should have results properly recorded (and not lost).
21:11:53 <Joe_____> #agree
21:12:02 <gkmac> #agreed with future results being kept
21:12:07 <Chairman> #agreed with my self
21:12:21 <delcypher> #action delcypher will contact Sarah Miller to see if any results can be retrieved.
21:12:30 <arfoll> #agreed
21:12:37 <delcypher> We should probably end it here
21:12:40 <Chairman> delcypher: set up pole for meeting on buc?
21:12:57 <Chairman> delcypher: meeting date pole?
21:13:06 <delcypher> I think our meeting agenda was too ambitious
21:13:10 <gkmac> You mean "poll" I presume...
21:13:12 * arfoll will dance on his pole
21:13:20 <Voodoojason> @delcypher: #agreed learning curve
21:13:21 <Chairman> lol
21:13:23 <Joe_____> hahaha
21:13:24 <gkmac> Well it was the first meeting using IRC...
21:13:27 <arfoll> delcypher: probably yes #endmeeting
21:13:34 * gkmac gets ready to close the curtains
21:13:41 <delcypher> I can setup one but I probably will not be able to attend
21:13:52 <Joe_____> i best put my clothes back on
21:14:00 <delcypher> I'm going on holiday for three weeks soon and my internet access will be sporadic at best.
21:14:10 <Chairman> what ever? it doesant have to be for a few weeks?
21:14:14 <Voodoojason> im outty, it's been a pleasure
21:14:21 <Chairman> ok do it for november?
21:14:25 <delcypher> Next week?
21:14:32 <delcypher> or is that too soon?
21:14:35 <arfoll> delcypher: it doesnt have to be that soon
21:14:38 <Joe_____> we need to see who is willing to take on BUC organising
21:14:42 <Joe_____> JUST?
21:14:46 <Chairman> i can do next week
21:14:54 <gkmac> We can discuss future meetings using the now public UUU committee forum, we don't need to decide right now.
21:14:55 <arfoll> anwyays #endmeeting this meeting is not to decide the next meeting!
21:15:06 <delcypher> #endmeeting