UUU AGM 2013

Attending Committee members

Missing committee members

All roles apart from webmaster before the meeting were unofficially held

** Number present at AGM (excluding committee members): ~7**

Transfer of bank account signatories

Signatories to be changed from Luke Dutton (former Treasurer) and Sarah Miller (former Secretary) to the Treasurer, Chairperson and secretary (Joe Baxter, Kris Abraham and Daniel Liew respectively at the time of writing).

Two signatories will be required to withdraw money. The UUU will continue to use HSBC. The plan is to use “Internet Banking” (HSBC claim this is possible) to address the problem of signatories being geographically distant from each other.

Vote: Unanimous agreement

Current amount in UUU bank account

Luke Dutton reported that currently the bank account has £543.62. But there should be more due to

Current bank account expenditures

Luke said that very little currently comes out of the bank account.

Needs to be sorted out.

Updated website

National Road Race (16th June – Horwich cycling festival)

This event has been kindly organised by Julian Page. It is a “national open event” (open - open to non UK competitors). Seven lap race on closed roads. Prizes are first, second, third, best man, best woman, under 16, over 50 FIXME).

For next year to allow for the potential of multiple national road races they can have their length as part of their title (e.g. National open 7km road race). If Julian is asked again to organised a similar event next year he has permission from the committee to go ahead and organise it.

Draft Constitution

When the UUU was established it never had a set of rules to govern it (the only thing was the initial minutes of the AGM). We have made a draft constitution for members. We need unicyclists to read it and let us know if they are happy with it and suggest any necessary changes.

The constitution will be adopted in approximately a year’s time at the next BUC. This needs to be publicly announced.

Proposal for new UUU membership and level testing database

It is proposed that the UUU scrap it’s current membership database as it has become difficult to manage and ties in accounting unnecessarily. This database would integrate level testing information as well (if the UUU is to continue level testing).

Roger suggested that as well as noting the level that a person is tested at that we also note the level that a tester is at as well.

Vote: Agreed.

UUU Level testing

It appears this issue was discussed at BUC2010 and the adoption of IUF levels was agreed upon but was never acted on.

Roger suggested that the UUU adopt the IUF levels by using IUF level definitions (so the committee does not need to bother with the administration of that part) but having our own system for level testers that is more relaxed (if we did IUF levels only Steven Dev??? and ??? could do testing because they attended unicon).

In the past it appears that the UUU and IUF level diverged because ambiguities in the rules. However Roger reports that these ambiguities are now gone so the UUU should probably just adopt the IUF rules.

The UUU need to decide on who is a valid tester!

Proposal that next BUC has level testing and a workshop on how to do level testing (may be approve testers there).

Use Disclaimer (we adopt the levels) and link to IUF. Check handbook

This BUC

NoFitState took upon all the financial risk as the UUU does not have sufficient funds. NoFitState helped a great deal with organisation which included providing a location, sourcing trials/street course materials. We do not know the exact attendance numbers yet. NoFitState organisers seem happy with the event and believe that some profit (an approximate threshold of 70-80 fully paying attendants was needed) has been made of which the UUU will receive a portion (we believe the split is 50% but not completely sure). These details need to be sorted out by the committee.

The committee need to look into seeing if there is a way of attracting more hockey players next time. The original plan was to have a large tournament held at Cardiff Vale College on Saturday whilst over events happened but no enough hockey players pre-registered (only 15!). The chairperson said he believed the issue was that the hockey players often have their own tournaments (~ every two months) which they only have to pay ~£10 which makes a going to BUC which had a £45 asking price is not that attractive if you are interested ONLY in hockey.

It was commented at previous BUCs a full hockey tournament took a large amount of time (Okehampton ~ 1.5 days) and about a day at Stockton (utilising two halls). It was also suggested that the tournament needs to be advertised more (as the national championship – there’s a separate trophy from the league trophy apparently!).

Luke Dutton commented that another problem could be that we as unicyclists have been “spoilt” by the hard work that Stockton did for BUC2010 which was 50% sponsored (from grants and several competitions) and so was very cheap.

This could be a future approach to reduce cost. The street rep suggested the event could be made more attractive to companies by providing a “platform for promoting their company”. For example by live streaming parts of the event or company name of t-shirts.

Next BUC

NoFitState have said they would consider doing it again. The Chairperson suggested the idea that the venue change to somewhere in the Midlands (easier to access). Roger did comment though that there was nothing wrong with holding BUC in the same place twice (Others have said the venue was really good so we should definitely consider holding it at NoFitState again). The NoFitState venue has worked well with the good weather but if it had been raining the venue would not of worked so well due to the outdoor trials course. Unfortunately the NoFitState venue does not have a large sports hall for hockey.

The discussion then moved on to when to hold the event. Attendees had very mixed views. Suggestions:

It was also noted that the next event must NOT clash (and not a week after either) with BJC which was a mistake made in the past.

Committee Positions

Last September (2012) Jason Auld instigated a take over of the UUU due to inactivity. New roles (discipline representatives) were created and a call for committee members was put out. Not enough people responded to allow for a vote so every current committee member (except the webmaster) gained their role without being “voted in” by members of the UUU. To speed things along it was suggested to list the people currently “unofficial” holding roles and the current attendees would say if they had any objections, if not they would be officially voted in until the next AGM. No one at the meeting volunteered themselves for a position.

It was commented that the Muni Rep currently being in Singapore was not helpful (although he should be returning in September) and that if the constitution doesn’t already have it then it should have a clause allowing the committee to change committee members in certain circumstances.

It was commented though that nobody seems interested in joining the committee (for example Barry Gates doesn’t really have time to be on the committee but we could not find anyone who was interested in the role!).