UUU AGM 2010 Minutes

May 2nd 2010

Taken by Ann Balmer

Meeting Chaired by Sarah Miller (sec) & Luke Dutton in absence of Anna Spear.


Apologies from Anna Spear & Keith Griffiths

Committee Elections

Level test report and Certificate proposal

Agreed to make certificates small (A5) in future.


UUU supplied 4 new trophies for BUC. UUU will reimburse 50% of engraving costs if requested by winners of trophies. A one off Catch up payment will be made to bring the Trials & Street trophy’s up to date. To be reviewed in 2011.



Discussed insurance for club events.

Action: to put info on relevant insurance policies used by clubs on website.


Gavin doing redesign. Forum for discussion of UK events. UUU to pay for hosting of forum ( £11 PA). Request for pictures and content on street and trials to be sent to webmaster@unicycle.org.uk. Agreed for Gavin to add sections for extra information and paperwork down loads (risk assessment etc). Agreed UUU needs to advertise the website and forum more widely. Gavin to check space limits for hosting photos and Video.

Next BUC

Cambridge One Wheelers have expressed interest but have no venue yet. JUST offered to help with ideas. The suggestion of holding a joint BUC with BJC was made, but was not popular.

Any other business

Question asked - Could new IUF rules on Level testing be adopted as UUU levels rules.

Sarah Miller suggested New IUF rules be publicly displayed on UUU forum for discussion.

The Meeting decided to adopt New IUF rules And place them on website.

Date of next meeting

At Next BUC.