Minutes of the UUU Annual General Meeting - 4 October 2008

Meeting held at BUC15 in Sandford Park, Wareham.

The UUU has approximately 70 members although not all of these have been added to the database, Sarah Miller and Connie Cotter have been signing members up and each need to supply the committee with a list.

Sarah Miller reported on levels testing, we have awarded lots of certificates this year, the highest level awarded in the UK is Level 7 there are currently 3 Level 7 riders in the UK.

The UK Hockey League goes from strength to strength. There were 8 league tournaments during the 2007/2008 season and 14 teams took part. League champions were Lunis who beat EMU by a single point.

Paul Royle proposed that the UUU buy a trophy for the Hockey league and suggested a cup so as to e distinct from the shield awarded to the BUC champions. The proposal was put to a vote and was carried by an overwhelming majority. Paul will get a quote for a trophy and share this with the rest of the committee before buying the trophy.

Paul Royle proposed the creation of a new committee post of competition secretary to maintain the hockey webpage and help members organise competitions in any discipline. After some discussion it was proposed this should form part of the webmasters role, assisted by the rest of the committee where required.

Keith Griffiths gave a report on the IUF. The IUF are currently working on the new IUF Rulebook. The UUU can have an input into this process, any members who would like to contribute should contact Keith.

Connie Cotter and Sarah Miller made proposals to make changes to the UUU level testing system. The background to this is that the IUF are considering bringing their level testing system into line with the USA levels system, the decision will be made in the New Year. Connie proposed that the UUU adopt the USA level testing system immediately, without waiting for the IUF decision. Sarah proposed that we should wait for the IUF decision and then adopt the new IUF levels system whatever that may be. Some discussion followed and Mark Wiggins proposed a third option; we wait for the IUF decision and then decide on what level testing system we should adopt.

Connie Cotter proposed that the UUU should be more involved in the running of BUC, and should actively seek organisers for the next BUC. The proposal was put to a vote and carried by an overwhelming majority.

Richard Lewis proposed that the UUU maintain a list of Unicycle friendly venues. Paul Royle agreed that this was a good idea and that the UUU would start a list.



Paul Royle elected with 25 Votes Anna Spear 24 Votes


Sarah Miller elected unopposed


Luke Dutton elected unopposed

IUF Representative

Keith Griffiths re-elected unopposed


Dan Liew elected with 23 Votes Gavin MacGregor 20 Votes

Next meeting

BUC16 in Okehampton, Devon (subject to confirmation).