Minutes of the UUU Annual General Meeting - April 21st 2007

Meeting held at BUC14 in Billingham.

The meeting began with a discussion of the current role of the UUU. Mark Wiggins pointed out that one of the main purposes of the UUU was to produce a newsletter twice a year.

No newsletters have been distributed during the last year because of a lack of articles being submitted. Sarah Miller said that the UUU is continuing to test and issue certificates for Levels Testing - current highest achieved is Level 7.

The UUU has been instrumental in resurrecting the UK Hockey League. Paul Royle said that the UUU committee are continuing to receive requests for information from various organisations. Usually several a month.

Lucas Wintercrane suggested that the UUU should attempt to get unicycling recognised as a sport with Sport England. Mark Wiggins said that the UUU had attempted that a couple of years ago but we don’t currently meet the criteria imposed by Sport England. It was agreed that the UUU could try to help support claims for grants from organisations such as Sport England (as they have in the past).

Paul Gibbs suggested that the UUU could offer more support to BUC organisers.

The current membership of the UUU stands at 59 - many of which were attendees of the recent South West Unicycle Meet. With the problems of trying to create a newsletter, it was agreed to discontinue it with immediate effect.

It was agreed that all competitors wishing to enter UUU-sponsored events (e.g. the hockey league and BUC competitions with UUU trophies) must join the UUU. BUC attendees not wishing to compete in such events are not required to join the UUU.

It was agreed that, with the end of the newsletter and the introduction of the requirement for competitors to join the UUU, the subscription should be reduced. A vote to set the subscription at £1 for adults and children was passed.

It was proposed that UUU funds could be used for new purposes such as BUC medals and to pay for an act in the BUC show.

There was a proposal to move BUC funds to an ethical bank. It was agreed that Beth would investigate and the funds would be moved if it didn’t cause significant inconvenience or increased costs.

It was suggested that the UUU website could use a spring clean. Some of the information is becoming dated.