Minutes of the UUU Annual General Meeting - April 23rd 2005

Minutes taken by the Secretary, Alan Chambers, and typed up by Mark Wiggins.


Apologies received from Richard Loxley.


Accepted without correction.


Action:Ask Richard Loxley about adding information about this on the UUU website.


To make it easier to renew UUU membership, it was proposed that the duration of membership be changed from July-to-July to be BUC-to-BUC. This would allow UUU Committee Members to collect monies from attendees of BUC. If there is no BUC one year, expiry would revert back to July. In the unlikely event of several BUCs in one year, membership would run from the first BUC of one year to the first BUC of the next. The proposal was put to a vote and passed unanimously.

It was proposed that members should be allowed to pay for multiple years of UUU membership. It was stated that this is already supported by the membership database but, because of possible future price rises, this should be limited to a maximum of 5 years.


It was proposed that members should be allowed to pay for UUU membership with Direct Bank Transfer. It was agreed to offer this facility although vigilance to check for fraudulent transactions will be required.


Suggestions for uses of the BUC 9/10 Fund were once again invited. The organisers of the South West Uni Meets have made use of a contibution to cover insurance costs.

The Fund has also been used to pay for 3 trophies to be awarded at BUCs:

A debate about whether or not to allow non-British competitors to win the trophies ensued. It was decided by a vote that, if a non-British competitor won a competition, they would receive a certificate but the trophy would go to the highest placed British competitor.



Mark Wiggins said that the year had been “business as usual” acting as a point of contact for various organisations looking for information about unicycling.


Alan Chambers said that due to a change in circumstances he was no longer in a position to stay on as Secretary.


Leo White commented that he had had no duties to perform as Paul Gibbs was still holding the paperwork.

Newsletter Editor

Sarah Miller said that two newsletters had been issued as planned. Postal copies of the current newsletter have been sent out, email copies will be sent out shortly.

IUF Representative

Paul Selwood has attended an IUF meeting and has applied for IUF regional representative membership but is still waiting for a reply. He has also been involved in discussions about changes to the IUF rulebook.


Richard Loxley sent a report prior to the meeting. He commented that the UUU website has been transferred to a new server and that he is providing webspace free of charge for the foreseeable future.



Mark Wiggins stood down. Paul Royle was proposed and elected unopposed.


Alan Chambers stood down. Mark Wiggins was proposed and elected unopposed.


Paul Gibbs offered to resume his earlier role as Treasurer. Leo White stood down and Paul Gibbs was elected unopposed.

Newsletter Editor

Sarah Miller stood down. Leo White was proposed and elected unopposed.

IUF Representative

Paul Selwood was re-elected unopposed.


Richard Loxley was re-elected unopposed.

Any other business

We have a small number of UUU frame stickers remaining. These have been very popular and it was proposed that we commission a UUU badge or a new frame sticker. A vote was taken and it was decided that, if funds allow, both should be created.


The next UUU AGM will be held during BUC13, assuming there is one, in 2006.