Annual General Meeting of the Union of UK Unicyclists to be held at the 12th British Unicycling Convention on Saturday 23 April 2005


  1. Apologies
  2. Review of minutes of AGM 2004.
  3. Progress reports:
    • Number of members and bank balance
    • UUU levels testing
    • Membership database
  4. Proposed change to membership renewal
    • To make it easier to renew UUU membership, it is proposed that the duration of membership be changed from July-to-July to be BUC-to-BUC. This would allow UUU Committee Members to collect monies from attendees of BUC. If there is no BUC one year, expiry would revert back to July. In the unlikely event of several BUCs in one year, membership would run from the first BUC of one year to the first BUC of the next.
  5. Membership subscription payment by Direct Bank Transfer
  6. Uses of the “BUC9/10 Fund”
    • The profits from BUC9 and BUC10 have been made available to the UUU. If anyone has a suggestion for a good way to use this money to benefit unicyclists, this is the time to mention it. The only proviso is that it should be “for the good of the many, not the few”.
  7. Any additional items to report from committee members:
    • Chairperson (Mark Wiggins)
    • Secretary (Alan Chambers)
    • Treasurer (Leo White)
    • Newsletter editor (Sarah Miller)
    • IUF representative (Paul Selwood)
    • Webmaster (Richard Loxley)
  8. Election of committee
    • All positions are up for election each year. Specific points for this year: Mark Wiggins will step down as Chairperson, Alan Chambers will step down as Secretary, Sarah Miller would like to step down as Newsletter Editor (but might be persuaded to stay).
  9. Any other business
  10. Arrange date of next meeting


Attendance of the AGM is open to anyone, however only members of the UUU will be entitled to vote. If you are unable to attend the AGM you may vote by proxy, i.e. by nominating someone to attend the meeting and vote on your behalf. Please contact a committee member in advance if you wish to vote by proxy.