Minutes of UUU Annual Meeting - April 24th 2004


Accepted without correction.


The number of members is about 135 - this has remained essentially constant despite the fact that the “free” join-ups from BUCs 9 and 10 had expired.

Bank balance is £380 (give or take petty cash).

Levels testing was proving very popular with about 250 certificates issued. Clubs were encouraged to use the system if they found it helpful - new testers could be tested and approved where required.

The membership database has been completed and is working well.


Mark Wiggins repeated some of his recent message in the newsletter. The UUU is here to promote unicycling in the UK - what more can we do? (Ideas welcome!). Over the year he has acted as a contact point for many enquiries (including from the media).

Mark reported that Steve Grainger has been mostly dealing with membership issues (joiners and renewers).

Paul Gibbs noted that the treasurer’s job had been made much easier by the new web-based accounting system.

Sarah Miller had published 2 editions of “The Revolution” that she had edited and 1 that Claire Gibbs had edited.

Joe Rowing reported (via Paul Gibbs) that he had mostly been involved with liaison with IMBA (the International Mountain Bike Association) and was now the UK Muni rep for IMBA. As an aside, Jon Marshall noted that the IUF have finally approved the national representatives system.

Richard Loxley had setup the online membership database and this is working well. Accounts are also done online and these tallied with paper versions - the online version is now definitive. The public website was revamped with more active maintainance of the clubs list (please tell Richard if you know of changes!) and new information on legality of unicycling in the UK added.


Was there any chance of getting recognition to the Sprite Urban Games? North had attended the last one and hadn’t been able to enter. He was going to try again this year after forewarning the organisers. It was noted that any event that welcomes/accepts unicycles could be publicised via the newsletter.

There was much discussion about what could be done to promote trials.

It was suggested that a list of potential funding bodies could be added to the website. This was OK provided that those who were getting funding were happy to share this info. It was noted that BUC 9/10 made a profit that might be used to help events that were of benefit to large groups of people (eg underwriting insurance for events).


Chair- Mark Wiggins was re-elected unopposed. Secretary- Steve Grainger was happy to stand down, but was able to continue if required. Alan Chambers was proposed by Mark Wiggins and seconded by Claire Gibbs. Alan won the vote. Treasurer- Paul Gibbs stood down. Leo White was proposed by Claire Gibbs, seconded by Alan Chambers and elected. Newsletter editor- Sarah Miller was re-elected unopposed. IUF Rep- Joe Rowing was happy to continue. Paul Selwood was proposed by Mark Wiggins and seconded by Sarah Miller. Paul won the vote. Webmaster- Richard Loxley was re-elected unopposed.

Any other business

No further business was raised.