Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the UUU (Union of UK Unicyclists) held at the British Unicycling Convention on Saturday 26 April 2003


The minutes were summarised.


Number of members and bank balance:

UUU levels testing:

Skill level testing has started. Three tester assessors have been appointed (Sarah Miller, Jon Marshall, Roger Davies). They have the ability to train skill level testers. Currently 7 or 8 testers have been approved.

Certificates have been produced by Sarah Miller. She asked if the UUU should pay for printing of certificates or if we should make a charge for the test? The feeling was that the UUU should subsidise them.

Steve Grainger offered to pay for printing the certificates if the UUU pay for the postage.

It was suggested that we record the UUU skill level awarded to members on the web database.

Membership database:

Richard Loxley explained the membership web database he has written. This is a private web page for committee members who can log on and view, add, and edit member data. It also tracks the amount of money in the society bank account and any petty cash held by committee members.


Chairperson (Sarah Miller):

Sarah has been unable to obtain information about Sports England accreditation. They were initially evasive, being unable to find an appropriate person to deal with the enquiry and Sarah subsequently had too little time to chase them up.

Sarah looked into grants under the Awards for All scheme. We are not eligible as grants are only awarded to local groups.

Claire Gibbs asked about individuals/local groups obtaining funding and could we get any information about applying from people who had succeeded in obtaining funding? If so we could put it on the website.

Secretary (Richard Loxley):

Richard explained that with the new web membership database the role of Secretary (and to some extents Treasurer) is much easier. However there is still much more that can be done with the web database, including better distribution of information to members, and automatic emailing facilities.

He proposed a new role on the committee of ‘Communications Officer’ or ‘Webmaster’ to take on this development. Alternatively this role could be combined with the existing roles of Secretary or Newsletter Editor.

Treasurer (Paul Gibbs):

Paul commented about our use of club funds, particularly with respect to giving bursaries to people to attend events (e.g. Unicon). It was pointed out that we have to be careful what we do, as legally we hold the money on behalf of all members, and giving benefits to a subset of members who have to be with the approval of all members.

Newsletter editor (Claire Gibbs):

Newsletters have been running a little late, but there is an issue almost ready to be published.

IUF representative (Jon Marshall):

Jon contacted the IUF regarding his position as UK country representative. But at this meeting he stood for and was elected a board member of the IUF. As a Director of the IUF he cannot hold another IUF position, so he must resign as UK country rep.

As a Director of the IUF he is helping to create the country representative positions.


The idea of the new Webmaster role was brought up. It was decided to hold other elections first to see if it would be necessary for the new Secretary or Newsletter Editor to take on the extra responsibility. If not, then there would be an election for the new role.

All voting was by single transferable vote by a show of hands.

IUF representative:

Mark Wiggins, nominated Alan Chambers, seconded Stuart Albrighton Joe Rowing, nominated Sarah Miller, seconded Jon Marshall Steve Grainger, nominated Paul Gibbs, seconded Richard Loxley Joe Rowing won by a straight majority.


Steve Grainger, nominated Paul Selwood, seconded Stuart Albrighton Paul Gibbs, nominated Sarah Miller, seconded Claire Gibbs Paul Gibbs won by a majority.


Mark Wiggins, nominated Paul Selwood, seconded Richard Loxley Steve Grainger, nominated Mark Wiggins, seconded Paul Gibbs Alan Chambers, nominated Sarah Miller, seconded Joe Rowing Mark and Steve made it to the second round of voting where Mark Wiggins won by a majority.


Steve Grainger, nominated Sarah Miller, seconded Claire Gibbs No opposition, Steve Grainger was elected unanimously.


Richard Loxley, nominated Paul Gibbs, seconded Joe Rowing No opposition, Richard Loxley was elected unanimously.

Newsletter editor:

Alan Chambers, nominated Mark Wiggins, seconded Joe Rowing Sarah Miller, nominated Jon Marshall, seconded Steve Grainger Sarah Miller won by a majority.


Alan Chambers - BUC profit:

Alan proposed that the UUU administer the profit from this year’s British Unicycling Convention (BUC) to be passed on to the organisers of the next BUC. This was passed with no opposition and one abstention.

Joe Rowing - Muni:

Joe has been looking into insurance for Mountain Unicycling. He has contacted the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) which provides insurance for mountain bikers. They are looking into whether they can change the wording of their insurance policy to cover unicyclists. There might also be a possibility of third party insurance for any UUU events.

Joe offered to help with any off-road queries members might have.

Simon Rolph has been looking at setting up a rating system for recording the difficulty of various off-road routes.

Claire Gibbs - Bursaries:

Claire asked the committee to look into whether the UUU can/should provide bursaries to members.


As last year

The next AGM will be held at the British Unicycling Convention in 2004. If there is no BUC in 2004 then another unicycling or juggling event will be picked to host the AGM. This will be announced at the time of the British Juggling Convention in 2004.