Annual General Meeting of UUU (Union of UK Unicyclists) to be held at the British Unicycling Convention on Friday 25 April 2003


  1. Review of minutes of AGM 2002.
  2. Progress reports:
    • Number of members and bank balance
    • UUU levels testing
    • Membership database
  3. Any additional items to report from committee members:
    • Chairperson (Sarah Miller)
    • Secretary (Richard Loxley)
    • Treasurer (Paul Gibbs)
    • Newsletter editor (Claire Gibbs)
    • IUF representative (Jon Marshall)
  4. Election of new committee members NOTE: At least one committee member is not intending to stand for re-election, so we will need new candidates. Of course, all positions are up for election, even if the existing committee member is standing for re-election.
  5. Any other business 6.Arrange date of next meeting


Attendance of the AGM is open to anyone, however only members of the UUU will be entitled to vote. If you are unable to attend the AGM you may vote by proxy, i.e. by nominating someone to attend the meeting and vote on your behalf. Please contact a committee member in advance if you wish to vote by proxy.