Annual General Meeting of UUU (Union of UK Unicyclists) to be held at Eurocycle 20 - 22 July 2001


  1. Review of minutes of formation meeting
  2. Progress reports:
    • Status of organisation
    • Number of members and bank balance
    • Data Protection Act
    • Membership cards
    • Newsletter
    • Website
    • Member discounts
    • Advertising
  3. Any additional items to report from committee members:
    • Chairperson (Sarah Miller)
    • Secretary (Richard Loxley)
    • Treasurer (Paul Gibbs)
    • Newsletter editor (Claire Gibbs)
    • IUF representative (Jon Marshall)
  4. Discussion:
    • the role of the UUU
    • the organisation of the UUU
    • should the UUU be responsible for the British Unicycling Convention? Election of new committee members
  5. Any other business
  6. Date of next meeting
  7. Request for all members to supply contact details and indicate whether they would like to receive newsletters by email, post, or neither.