About Freestyle Unicycling

Freestyle unicycling is type of unicycling that focuses on performing tricks typically in a large flat open space. These tricks often involve riding or mounting a unicycle in a challenging ways e.g. riding with only one foot on a pedal (see a list of freestyle skills see here or the unicyclopedia). At unicycle conventions there are often freestyle competitions in which an individual or individuals perform a routine incorporating skills (and often fancy dress) on which they judged. An example can be seen in figure 1 where two people are performing a paired freestyle routine in fancy dress.

Freestyle unicycles

Freestyle unicycles typically have a 20“ wheel with a thin smooth tyre and a long neck. Freestyle unicycles often have plastic pedals (as opposed to metal pedals) and a white tyre because they don’t mark the floor which more often than not is a hired hall. Freestyle unicycles are also commonly used to play unicycle hockey.